[Focus Feedback] Season Pass

Greetings Adventurers,

We’d like to use this thread to specifically ask for your feedback about the Season Pass.

What is the Season Pass?

The Season Pass introduces new ways for players to earn meaningful rewards, just by playing New World. Players will earn Season XP, level up, and unlock rewards as they progress through their seasonal activities. Our goal with seasons is to consistently provide something fresh for every type of player.

Seasons Announcement and FAQ - News | New World - Open World MMO PC Game

The team has posed some questions; please feel free to copy and paste the following as a template:

  • Is the Pass, including Journey & Activities, intuitive to use?
  • Do you feel that you can make progress at a consistent cadence?
  • Are tasks and activities rewarding you for typical gameplay and pushing you to new content?
  • Are the rewards desirable? Are any lackluster?
  • What features would you want to see added to the Season Pass?

Thank you for your help!

You can find resources on how to leave good feedback in the How to Give High Quality Feedback post.

Please keep your feedback related to the Season Pass in this thread. Discussion amongst players about other topics is better suited for other threads.

Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

See you in Aeternum!


Please make it like most other seasons passes in games, where you earn enough marks of fortune from the pass to be able to use them to pay for the next season.


this tbh

Do not lock gameplay features/mechanics/systems in a season pass. e.g. extra gear sets. ESPECIALLY premium season pass. In fact, something like gear sets should be a lengthy questline that people can complete at any given time. This accomplishes the same thing that you want to do which is time spent in-game, but I digress.

Rewards in a season pass should be cosmetic, emotes, vanity items, etc. If its items like furniture then they cannot be sold or traded. Items like marks of fortune for Premium is fine.

  • Is the Pass, including Journey & Activities, intuitive to use?
  • Yes so far. It’s nice that at the journey is a last step (no reward?) for hardcore grind players.
  • The Card reset is also Good. A quest marker System would be helpful to kill like the right angry earth mop.
  • Do you feel that you can make progress at a consistent cadence?
    First levels went smooth. Is there a exp increase over the level up process?

  • Are tasks and activities rewarding you for typical gameplay and pushing you to new content?
    New content not really and it’s the stuff which always have to be done at a grind.
    So no.

  • Are the rewards desirable? Are any lackluster?
    In between. I wished there were more furniture/cosmetic (the true end game:-) chests instead of armor/weapon chests.

  • What features would you want to see added to the Season Pass?
    Quest marker ability to see enemy’s / plants / destinations.
    Adjustment at some tasks description. More pvp related. Is it to be done at open world or/also OPR. (Capture a point could be Fort or/also OPR)


For me, this makes all the difference between buying the SP and finishing it and not even caring about it

Mmmmh the rewards is pretty ok for the most BUT if you want that people buy the premium pass and play a lot you absolutely NEED to add a awesome skin badass armor, for the lvl 100 for example. No way that you dont put a badasse skin set armor per season on this pass. It will made the difference for sure.

For the rest it’s a really nice add to the game.

PS : 2 gear set (3 with season pass) is way toooo low. Give us at least 5-7 free slot. Many ppl will pay for more but give us at least 5 free slots.





My opinion on rewards:

  1. Main one problem with rewards - season pass is not paying off itself, which is standard in many games with similar season/battle passes. Paying off passes it’s basically a reward for players who play a lot, who maintain online and activity by doing multiple activities to finish all pass.
  2. New World is kind of a sandbox MMO with a lot of interactivity in game world: you wanna wood - you take axe and chop wood, wanna ore - take pickaxe, wanna magic resources from ancient - go and kill mobs and etc. Wanna legendary resources like Asmodeum - you need to be a professional smelter, that use a lot of different metals to make it. And all of this - immersive, diving in the world, where you don’t have menus and buttons, but legendary resources, tools, workshops. That what game should do - it shouldn’t remind you that this is the game, not fantasy world, but now we get Asmodeum, Runic Leather, and other stuff from some menu and buttons.
    (tl:dr: getting real resources from some buttons and UIs is breaking immersive)

Add button to preview skins rewards.


I have tried 4hs of the ptr.
The pass sounds like a good idea.
It is intuitive, it was not difficult for me to find and understand it.
the rewards of the free pass are good.
Those of the premium pass I don’t know if they should give weapons and gold. That the free one that everyone accesses and has the possibility of is perfect, but paying to have equipment with perks doesn’t matter. The skins are fine for now as shown.
what if, I do not agree at all, is the gear set as it is implemented.
at least in the ptr, there are 2 gear sets by definition. and also you can get 1 gear set per pass. ie 3 gear sets.
Now, if someone wants more gear set, they have to buy it in the payment store with real money.
Why do I think this is a bad decision?
because the gear set is quality of life. So, the game forces you to have many sets (crafter, farm, mutated pve, pvp, etc), but if I want to manage all those teams, I must pay to make it easier to manage the sets that the game has.
They are a tank, and I have 1 set for each type of mutated, I can only have 3 sets equipped, and what do I do with the rest of the other sets? pay for a bit of quality of life, I don’t know, it doesn’t seem right or good game management.
it’s like i heard somewhere i have a lot of TP to use but i can only use 5 tp, if i want to use the rest i have to pay money to use them (for example).
I, in particular, would reflect on this management of quality of life.
I know they are distracted by the scream, and lightly. but more things happen than a meta change.


Please make EVERYTHING you acquire in the premium track bind on pickup. Currently in the premium track, you can acquire valuable materials that can be sold on the trading post for coin. You can then use this coin to purchase best in slot gear. This is the exact definition of pay to win. If you make everything bind on pickup in the PREMIUM track only, you will fix this issue. Please consider!


Double the number of starting equip save slots, or maybe triple?

Some people play different sets for different dungeons, mutations, pvp modes, etc etc etc, so considering that you give characters access to all weapons/classes then this system needs to support that.

Love almost all of the changes otherwise!


These are my initial impressions (I have not watched any videos on the season pass or played through it yet, just posting first interactions and understanding):

It didn’t take long to find the Season Pass in the top menu, especially because the words Season Pass are immediately visable (unlike Leaderboards which is hidden behind Modes). I hope this remains in the Live version, because I do notice that Store is missing and Season Pass seems to be in its spot)

It took me a little while to see the season XP counter in the top right and I think the visual hierarchy of the font size is a little low.

As far as I can tell, it looks like you can complete activities from the Journey and from the activity card to earn season XP. The Chapter Rewards are confusing - why do you need to complete objectives from one chapter to receive the reward from the previous chapter? For e.g. “Complete 5 Objectives from Chapter 2 and Claim Chapter 1 Reward” - why does it need to be confusing? Why not have a Chapter 2 reward for completing Chapter 2 objectives? Not sure what I’m missing here.

I assume you can complete more than the prescribed number of objectives for more XP.

With the Activity Card, I have 4 leaf icons on the card but only 1 leaf icon activity (Gather Wispybloom flowers) in the list. Does this mean I need to gather wispybloom flowers 4 times?

I think I’ll be able to complete all the chapters and the challenges look challenging, which is how it should be.

I’m not going to participate successfully in 3x3 arenas no matter how hard I try, and I rerolled my card 5 times before getting 4 skull activities on the side and only 2 skulls on the card (which hopefully means I can just choose two of the skull activities to stamp).

Overall, I’m pretty disappointed with the rewards. The expedition chests look terrible, and I’m not hopeful for the random rolled armor/weapons, as historically you produce tons of salvage with the RNG. There are not enough skins, furniture, or emotes. Will the furniture be new/rare stuff or just things we can already craft? I think the weak point of the season pass is the lack of spectacular rewards.

You need a few milestone rewards that are really good - black dye, new furniture, desirable skin (I know, you have no idea how to do this - some ideas are - simple black armour, simple white armour, “nude” skins - bracelet to hide gloves etc)


I Agree to 100% with this

And would like to show me the Season EP directly in the UI, maybe where the old lvl Bar was…

I Also would be cool to show the lvl in the nameplate (PVP) Rank to

I love this battle pass, and everything about that, but i cannot wait till march 28 :cry:

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Some of the rewards such as gold, potions, boosts and dungeon chests just feel lazy. There should be greater focus on cosmetics.

Furthermore, considering you plan on charging for QoL such as equip loads I think it would make sense for the premium battle pass to return most, if not all your marks of fortune in line with battle passes from other games.


I completely agree, like most other games, the premium pass should have MANY more cosmetics, but not because pay-to-win or anything like that, but because the current rewards are garbage for those who have already done end-game.
An increase in marks of fortune is needed to at least get a little closer to buying the next one. Since this is the first pass and based on my experience with first passes in other games, it’s usually always the worst. I hope AGS listens to the feedback and implements changes.


season pass : there should be more cosmetics (good skins) and emotes instead of gear boxes

gear set storage : 3 free gearset storages are too low, give us at least 5 of them


I agree with this especially when it comes to gear sets. We should be able to earn them through in game progress or even purchase with Umbral shards.


the last tier should contain the coolest stuff true and thats including the free part

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