[Focus Feedback] The Varangian Enemies

Greetings Adventurers,

The team is looking to collect feedback on the Varangian Enemies.

Please provide your feedback and any bugs encountered from fighting against the new enemy type: the Varangian (which are comprised of Varangian Hewers, Varangian Scouts, Varangian Knights, and Varangian Archers).

We’d like to emphasize testing towards normal gameplay, quest impact, and combat variety.

You can find resources on how to leave good feedback in the How to Give High Quality Feedback post.

Your help in keeping feedback unrelated to the issue above regarding The Varangian Enemies out of this focus thread is much appreciated!

Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

See you in Aeternum!

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Not sure if this is the right place, but they are not named “Varangian” ingame, but Kinjalgard

Does this have something to do with the feedback i sent in PM when you made the announcement about how it’s innacurate and wrong to have called them “Varangian”

For the people who dont know and might read that, Varangian is simply a word using by slavic people back in the 800 to refer to norsemen or “vikings”
( and Varangian guard simply being an unit of the Byzantine who was mainly made of young norsemen sold to slavery to the Byzantine empire, they dont exist since the 1300 and never sailed toward america )

EDIT : Also just noticed that ingame, they’re named Kinjalgard, but the lore page still call them “Varangian”
This is pretty confusing really


I like the new enemies. I think they add some good variety to the game and its good to see some actual human enemies to fight. I’m really looking forward to what yall do with them as this is just “an expeditionary force”. Hopefully some lvl 60’s and elite zones/expeditions built around them!


Good fight, good mobs. Feels like I’m playing against other human players. I think the only issue I had with them was the voice lines. It was like I was fighting Thorpe all over again with no differentiation. Can you remove the helmet on some of them and remove the voice effect? Or have different pitches for different mobs and newer lines that go with what class they are.

Initial thoughts, I can remember fighting against a Great Axe, Ranger (same animation as ancient? kinda boring), and S&S.

I think what most mobs need is slightly different skins that are randomized when they spawn. Maybe the swords change skins, or helmets, shields, chest armor, etc etc.


Honestly fighting these guys is a breath of fresh air.
It feels really good fighting something other than monsters for once but I have to agree with Bluefalcon I would really like to see them be more unique and not use the same animation set as other mobs. With that said though keeping them as a less over the top enemy and something more down to earth, meaning they are just humans trying to fight, would be really cool.

A few recommendations is to really embrace the classic fantasy aspects that humans bring to the table such as actual warriors of the light or perhaps the archers could shoot fire arrows or use crossbows instead of doing flashy dodge attacks like the angry earth archers use.

Overall though I cant wait to see what comes from these guys and I would Love to see one of the bosses for them riding some sort of mount or perhaps use a tower shield.


I have only found 1 beetle, Can someone let me know locations for the other new mobs. Would love to see them and check them out myself.


What do you mean by “less over the top”? I haven’t found them in game yet. I just hope AGS isn’t making it usual practice to make things giant (referencing the warhammer and the greataxe), especially when they’re supposed to be humans.

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The idea of ​​the story is interesting, but nothing captivates me, if I’m a new player in this world, I found the story short and that puts me under pressure to be only on the coast of some territories, it’s not a surprise, it’s not something that would challenge or reward me for doing.

The characters’ attacks are simple, they use the same weapons and skills seen in the game with players (although I liked seeing the mace with a shield) but, if they really reached the coast, I think they could go into more detail and give more power to these npcs, maybe make them elite and give interesting rewards.

Possible rewards:

  • Drop skins from Vangarians (armors are phenomenal)
  • I didn’t have relevant drops, just a green bow, which for level 17-20 I wouldn’t use (but I don’t know which others can drop from them) open up a reward listing they drop, it would help to evaluate
  • I think that the creation of a stronger boss inserted in the mission would bring more excitement to the quest (like the pirates with their ax elites)

The Varangian Enemies didn’t excite me at all i guess i didn’t like it much

Level 16 start
Heavy armor
S&S, Hammer
35strength, 82const

Tried to fight the new mobs type them lvl 20, me lvl 16.
Pulled half their camp 4-5units then I just held only right clicked with sword and shield no other buttons touched. 4-5mobs could not kill me, they ended with retreating after they “pushed” me out of their aggro range.

Axe dude seemed to have some interreseting skills, with the reap execute skill and whirlwind, sadly he never used them in combo.
After he broke my stamina (typically with the execute) he simply took 3 steps back and waited till I regained stamina then used the next skill.

Fight seemed way way way to easy when fighting mobs 4levels above you, they should be able to kill me when I recklessly pull way to much.

I can’t exactly remember the level experience on not-test server but this was a bit lame to fight…

kinjalgard is the clan name im guessing. In other areas, they have a different name, Varikulaki.

Varangian is what they are as a whole,

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Love the armor sets.

I recall not running into ranged enemies at such a low level however so they may provide challenge to newer players if they keep that fire arrow skill for archers.

The knights buff allies with empower is a fun addition, however I don’t feel there are enough enemies close together to take advantage of this. I was seeing them with 1 or 2 other enemies close by.

The scout combo is only 2 hits, should probably add a dodge for them since they are the weakest with only 2 attacks that are slow and hard hitting.

Then that make even less sense if that’s the case

Ive read the few lore page i could find about them, and it really seems like the devs tried to make some slavic barbarian, but they used the name of a real historical group of people, but completly ignored the history of them.
Feels like they hired an intern to make a quick google search for a cool name, saw the name “Varangian” being affiliated with slav, and just went “this sounds cool, lets use it”

I thought the devs claimed multiple time to hire expert for that…

Another feedback, yeah beside the name and story being wrong, they look cool but it’s a shame to have made them level 20ish enemy…

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fight is easy depending on your gear type and weapons (heavy sns) but a pain for anything else.
outside of the ptr you wont have that perfect ptr gear+weapons and your weapon skill wouldn’t be at 16+ so it will be a pain for average players.

The enemies were fun and engaging. typical breather/regen pause, but painfully annoying skills. The kick, the reap, the whirlwind.

As a Life Staff / Void in medium armor I got my butt handed to me; and am eagerly looking for a rematch in heavy armor.

I would like to see less full helmets though.

I think I’m just gonna put it in the alternative history category. Like how they are looking for Merlin’s secret lair. Because another thing that I thought was interesting is how they are claiming the area of Iznovgorod.

Novgorod was a trading settlement along a Viking trade route. and Iz is a Russian Prefix for ‘out of’ so I’m thinking to myself shouldn’t these guys just be like traders lol

Theres a lot of mixing of things with this group

They also look more like knights, rather than ‘Vikings’… lol

Give their helmets some horns and we won’t get confused.

On a lighter note… I enjoyed them.
I loved their encampment.
I loved their speaking and shouting (was it expletives? I don’t know).
Loved their fighting styles.

I just wish I could parley with them, maybe make friends…

Tried to fight them as lvl 16 (void/life staff) in First light camp (they are lvl 18).
Specced Int/Foc with light armor.

First I got my butt handed to me (using void AOE, life Staff AOE with ranged attack), then switched to Void Melee and it was fairly easy.

In General having another annoying Shield, Bow including RUSH movement on enemies will force more people to spec from full ranged / full heal / full tank to DD. So if your goal is to have basicly only various Types of DD Classes then you did a great job.

But if you are aiming to have more variations in classes then this is not fostering them. I know balancing can be hard and a lot of people complained about not enough variations in enemies, but please consider also the specialised classes.
As a life staff main user, enemies with Shields are a pain, if your run in light armor (which you want to foster) it is also a pain to have ranged enemies. Both combined in a mob is already annoying (especially if they instarespawn in a min). And now they also have super moves to charge at you instantly? What will happen here is that even more ranged players will run around in heavy armor instead of light/medium (I thought that was not the plan?).

Sure will test again with lvl 60 and different weapon combo, but I totally see that enemies like this will ruin tanks/healer and basicly force everyone to play DPS (which is already the case with lvl 60, half my company healers/tanks have respecced to DPS atm as they were too bored/frustrated or gave up playing).

Yah its my subjective opinion as I am no min/max player (which i find boring honestly).

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dw it gets way worse in higher lvls. Ranged were already almost cut out of the game, but now we’re just getting bullied for still sticking to light armor/spells

GA/Hammer/S&S and Heavy armor is the only thing playable, especially in pvp, the whole rest is absolute lackluster and will drag any company down no matter the skilllevel anymore

Viking helmets did not have horns. Just sayin’