[Focus Feedback] Void Gauntlet Legendary Weapon Questline

Greetings Adventurers,

The team is looking to collect feedback on the Void Gauntlet Legendary Weapon Questline.

Please provide your feedback and any bugs encountered from experiencing the new Void Gauntlet Legendary Weapon story quests.

We’d like to emphasize testing towards normal gameplay, objective clarity and achievement, and overall story narrative.

You can find resources on how to leave good feedback in the How to Give High Quality Feedback post.

Your help in keeping feedback unrelated to the issue above regarding the Void Gauntlet Legendary Weapon Questline out of this focus thread is much appreciated!

Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

See you in Aeternum!

As this intended for information gathering and not strictly for discussion, we are enabling slow mode for this post, thank you for your understanding!


We cannot actually complete Madaki’s Strategem (a prerequisite quest for the void gauntlet legendary quest) without doing the entire main story.


Currently unable to grab the Azoth Energy Source for the first part of the mastery questline.

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Leave the area, come back in, the thing you need to grab is at the back of the courtyard ! :slight_smile:

that being said, It’s impossible to finish the quest line at the moment as nowhere has a Tier 4 outfitting station and one of the later steps requires you to have layered leather gloves.

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Like others have said. Unable to grab the Azoth energy source on the first quest line for the Void Gauntlet.

You dont need it to do the quest.

Currently unable to continue the quest due to no t4 stations (obviously not an issue on live servers).

Overall, this quest chain is much improved over the other “Legendary” Weapon quests. The shift from killing 30-50 mobs in elite zones to going and gathering items, and even more traditional quest interactions of items (outside of killing and looting chests) as shown in the first quest are welcome.

I do feel that the inclusions of elite zones and at the very least the risk of death does need to play a role in these quest lines - these are decent weapons and definitely a step up in gearscore and damage for most players. I do hope that later on in the quest chain these have a place. That said though, thematically constructing your weapon via crafting after obtaining the components feels good.

Overall, good job. Feels like what a legendary weapon quest should be.


That would be because that’s not where it is. It’s out in the courtyard next to the ancient chest

As stated a number of times, the questline isn’t able to be continued until there exists Tier 4 crafting stations in order to craft a pair of Layered Leather Gloves. Might I suggest the devs upgrade the crafting stations in one of the towns so we can further progress the chain and continue testing?

As one might expect, the territories on US East are all owned by 16-19 year olds who spam invited people into their company while running around the beaches screaming into their microphones, begged their fresh invites for the 10k everyone received, and purchased all the areas, never to log on again as they have no interest in actually testing the new content. As you’ll probably notice from the data I’m sure you’ve collected, the majority of people will just jump on, use the new Void Gauntlet for 20-30 minutes, then leave without providing any feedback.

It seems unlikely that a company will bring another to war, take the territory, and then work on upgrading stations before this PTR session comes to an end, and some external assistance from the development team could go a long way in terms of continuing testing on this questline.


I agree I like that I feel like I am crafting it. I am baffled that the Devs didnt see the lack of crafting station in PTR though. I looked at the towns and no one is upgrading anything so I dont see us being able to “test” the legendary quest line as instructed to do.

Please improve craft stations to tier 4+, we need craft the gloves for the quest

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where do u go to grab the quest?

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you get the quest in Reekwater, map location: Where to Start Void Gauntlet Questline New World - YouTube

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thank you.

The A stich of Shade quest (one of the required quests to complete Grasping at Shadows) doesn’t spawn Wyrdwood Seed Fibers for me. I’ve been to all 3 locations and no seeds so far, been looking for them

The EU PTR2 server has Tier4 stations, so the first issue is passed


So you merge servers… cool. You now make 3 PTR companies good. They each have 2 territories ok. You upgrade some of the crafting stations in First Light to tier 4 and smelting to tier 5… YOU STILL NEED OUTFITTING TO TIER 4 FOR layered leather gloves. Again can not test things if you do not set up the test environment the proper way.

My bad Reekwater has all the upgrades I missed it … Thank you.

Have you had any luck finding these? I tried chopping trees no luck with that either.


After a log out and they did show up and they are about a 15 min respawn

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Thanks got them.