[Focus Feedback] Void Gauntlet Weapon-Type

Greetings Adventurers,

The team is looking to collect feedback on the Void Gauntlet Weapon-Type.

Please provide your feedback and any bugs encountered from utilizing the new weapon: the Void Gauntlet.

We’d like to emphasize testing towards performance and balance evaluation through both PvE and PvE combat, in addition to general skill/perk usage.

You can find resources on how to leave good feedback in the How to Give High Quality Feedback post.

Your help in keeping feedback unrelated to the issue above regarding the Void Gauntlet Weapon-Type out of this focus thread is much appreciated!

Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

See you in Aeternum!

As this intended for information gathering and not strictly for discussion, we are enabling slow mode for this post, thank you for your understanding!


Void Gauntlets attack animation is so awkward. It doesn’t feel natural at all. It’s actually quite hard to focus on the other aspects of this weapon because the attack animation is so awkward.


Okay, as for most magic weapon, void gauntlet feels weak and lackluster.

When looking at the feedback (sound and animation) for warhammer you feel and hear how heavy it is, you can “feel” the punch, and it feels good when it connects.

This is the major flaw with most of your magic weapons, I think fearing that particle effects would tear the server a new one, and that visibility would go to zero, you held so much back that magic, doesn’t feel magic at all.

And the sound for the light and heavy attacks just sound off-putting, and something a small indie studio would put together in a basement.

Work on a meaty void’ish sound, and a more interesting animation (than a ball in a different colour), and it will work wonders for the weapon.

I love the weapon in theory, but man is it boring to use… even if it hit for a million damage, it would still feel odd and boring to use.

I think sound would be the easist fix, and then later add much much better animations…

And this is not only for the void gauntlet… all your magic weapons feel like they were phoned in… seriously… look at Warhammer… that and musket, are the two weapons your nailed.

And if you are bored, try download Destiny 2 and 2Feel" the feedback from their weapons, even though it is a different genre, you cans till see how they manage to make something feel strong and impactfull and the other way around as well.

You got a great foundation, do not make an “Anthem” and be to ignorant or arrogant to ignore what others have achieved.


Maybe with a reversed “vworp” sound effect for some extra punch.

It does need some love, but I like the idea of it.


The void blade is kinda clunky in PVP unless you’re already close to the target. If you dodge cancel it just cancels the ability because you cannot sheathe your weapon and maintain the void blade ability.


This seems a lot harder to hit with comared to the life staff, i dont see any bolt animation or anything

at first i thought the ability was melee only ( not the blade)

The void gauntlet it does comparable to less damage than the equivalent level life staff, I was expecting a bit more in terms of damage.

i think the abilities and buffs debuffs will be nice, but there isnt much utility there other than adding /removing the same buffs from other sources


So, first of all, my primary character is a tank so I’m not very savvy with magic so much. So here’s my feedback with minimal magic experience:

I dueled with a player who was running void gauntlet / life staff. It was difficult to gauge if it was lag or not working as intended but coupling the harvest essence with the sacred ground can prove to be extremely helpful for healers that solo play but not so overpowering that in makes PvP impossible.

As a melee player I can appreciate the melee ability on the void gauntlet but also having the ranged option. I do think having a more exaggerated graphical effect would be helpful to see the trajectory of the magic attacks would be better. When it’s dark in game it’s difficult to see any of it.

Otherwise, overall, I think it’s great that focus players are getting another weapon for their arsenal. I was expecting it to be full focus so I would eventually like to see another primary focus weapon for them.


We need to be able to interrupt the Harvest animation (RMB). I accidentally right clicked, very quick tap, and the whole animation started and my HP went down. You could make it so you need to hold down RMB until the action actually applies, so if you release RMB before the first tick of Harvest kicks in you interrupt that skill.

And also, the small projectiles are barely noticeable when executed and most of the skills sounds like a muffled life staff (but maybe that’s exactly how void sounds?). The AoE spell had some nice effects to it, and the orb as well. The blade looked cool but animations felt very stiff, just as if there wasn’t enough frames animated for a fluent performance between the three swings. The blade swings didn’t feel unique at all, except for that uppercut. Sword animations perhaps?

So yeah, the convenience of avoiding health loss when accidentally right clicking, and improve the general look and feel when using the void gauntlet would be very helpful in combat (easier said than done of course). Please give this time. Please. Potential is HUGE.

Thanks for letting us test it!


The animations of the heavy attack of the melee form of the gauntlet are super recycled from the sword heavy attack and feels clunky

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Activating Decaying Orb‘s explosion by pressing the skill again is good change from light attack. Ice Pillar should be changed to function the same way.


I’m finding that focus either doesn’t scale the void gauntlet or that intelligence scales its damage significantly higher. It’s super confusing because I was under the impression that it would scale off of focus as primary, but the tool tips don’t work so there’s no actual game confirmation of that fact. I can’t tell if just the healing is supposed to scale off of FOC?



The weapon’s tooltip for the gauntlet also confirms a significant difference. I kind of fully expected a pri. focus weapon, int secondary. So far as I can tell, int seems to scale to damage at 1.5 X (with diminishing returns) and focus scales to 1.0 X (with diminishing returns). I kind of wish it were reversed? I’m doing more damage with my life staff and focus – why would I bother with this weapon? The abilities and debuffs maybe? But still beyond that I’d end up almost always using the life staff as a focus build and not nerfing my healing by specing int.

The projective and hitting also feels pretty clunky.

Further, Orb of Decay’s animation or ability seems to inconsistently work.


primary is int while healing effects all scale from focus (exclusively)


Are the perks random? Maybe opening a new box would help

All of the void gauntlets particle and sound effects are massively under whelming, barely even noticeable,

I would go as far as saying it wouldn’t even matter if they wasn’t there because that’s how almost non existent they are.

The arcana crafting issue capping possible gearscore to 585 still exists.


Oblivion does not seem to be applying empower to self at any upgrade tier.

Int is primary, focus is secondary however the healing from abilities mostly only scale from focus


uh, I don’t think scaling works like that in this game. Attribute scaling simply increases by a modifier.
[att] x .9 (for primary)
[att] x .65 (for secondary trait)
The only bonus would be the healing from focus milestones like +10% healing

I also suspect that focus is not scaling as it would with the other split attribute weapons. Jury is still out.


Read the descriptions on the void gaunt passives. some of them say right out that they scale only with focus.


This weapon almost seems like it’s supposed to be a caster alternative to an ice gauntlet than it seems to pair with a lifestaff.