Focus ONLY on Bugs Please

Please focus ONLY on Bugs before new content. I understand predetermined road maps that may not be released to the public have to be released and/or the need to add content first at players request which is justified, but this new January 25th patch includes game breaking bugs.

I’ve already posted one post regarding the new bugs and many people already have too. More posts will come and I am sure this will be relayed to the AGS team, as always, but please focus on the bugs because it’s not the lack of content that will drive players away, which eventually it will, but the fact that after logging in after an update and finding oneself in a game that has a lot of its mechanics broken that were previously working is REALLY inconvenient and I think is more of a driving force to make a player stop playing than the lack of content.

Also this: Known Issues - January Monthly Release 2022

Posted recently after the patch went live. Who made the decision and why was the decision made to go live with the patch when so many things are already known to be broken?

It doesn’t make sense. Please focus ONLY on bugs so the game feels more polished before trying to add new content.

That’s not how it works. There are different departments responsible for different things.

I also highly doubt a major company is going to take project management advice from people on the forums.

If they were going to listen to people here, they would be banning all these bots we’ve been reporting for months that are flooding their own companies with millions allowing them to completely max out and have an advantage over players while owning all the territories because they’re now unbeatable with the perfect weaponry and armoring they’re bought up from mining ori 24x7 for over two months.

But no.

Least new content keeps things somewhat entertaining.

I get that there are different departments for different aspects of the game, being content, bugs, bots, etc.

And I definitely feel that the progress on getting things on the right track is slow.

The human aspect is being brought up quite often by the moderators and I understand that as well. Only so much can be done in 8-12 working hours and the devs and everyone else at AGS do hopefully have a work life balance.

But I seriously do hope that they take some takeaway from all the opinions floating around this forum to make it better. Content is important. A polished game with a few bugs is important as well.

We can agree to disagree on content vs. bugs. I like a polished game. I remember playing Skyrim when it came out and the story line was not completable. I lost interest because of that. I probably could have used used exploits or cheats to progress, but I chose not to. Same thing for Gothic 3 when it came out. It was so broken that the community had to step in to make it playable.

It’s not fun to play a game that is inherently broken and bug ridden, but that is my opinion. New content will come out I am sure and I welcome it, but I want to play it without being inconvenienced by time gated trading bug, chat bug, storage bug, etc.

Edit: Bots should be banned and are being banned. That I agree on completely.

They’ve said next month is purely focused on bugs and balancing.

Also that they’re taking the content creation team, and moving some to fix the desync issues.

Next month will ultimately determine my faith in the devs.

I’d imagine March or April will be the map expansion.

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