Focus/Dex build even possible?

I’ve been seeing a lot of Dex/foc gear and got me thinking, is a build with this combination even possible?

It’s probably not super efficient but possible. Would work in a similar way to how the paladin builds work.

Stack focus, some dex, slot the gem that changes damage to nature (I forget what it is called) and there you have it.

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Probably LS/Rapier hybrid? Can’t think of anything else.

But LF/GS or LS/WH monk style will still be much better.

Yes, I played for while LS and Spear. It was easy in solo pve, and 100% winrate in duels.
But it defenitely sucks in openworld pvp and group pvp.

Stats 250 foc, 50 con,other points in dext

Amber gem 50% in spear.
You”ll have 60-70% of damage on spear in comparison with dex build. And nice healing.

VG / Rapier could be viable. Use like Oblivion + Essence Rupture + Tether. Land Tether & ER, drop oblivion, swap to rapier and go to town. You could swap either ER or Tether for Petrifying Scream (probably best to drop the tether).

The idea behind the build is that with ER you are getting healed on your hits with rapier, oblivion gives you empower and weakens enemies. Tether would give you additional empower and weaken on enemies. I wouldn’t put many stat points into focus but it wouldn’t be completely wasted with this build. VG is being used mainly for the status effects while rapier would be the main weapon.

It’s possible to make any build combo and gear towards that combo, because in practice no combinations of attributes are denied. The reason you see a lot of dex/foc gear is because crafters often don’t use mods to fix specific attributes and so there’s always a chance to create dex/foc gear, but it’s bought/used so little that the gear just piles up on the TP.

The more important question is such a build viable for something like wars or other PvP content and generally the answer at the moment is no. The META builds are so powerful compared to everything else, and so common, that doing anything other than META is generally just accepting a straight up disadvantage.

For PvE and other more relaxed content almost all builds are viable, as long as you know what you’re doing. You can slot gems to convert damage types on your weapons which can make for more effective builds. But generally having 2 primary stats like Foc/Dex and then needing at least some Con for PvP you’re going to be at a disadvantage spreading your points between those 3 attributes.

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