Follow up questions about LUCK (can a dev please respond)

Final Edit: The devs provided an FAQ here:

I’m hoping this gets to the dev team. I hugely appreciate the explanation of luck on the latest video. What I got from it as an official confirmation:

  • Global Luck is different from Gathering luck (this is pretty intuitive in the game but I’m glad you confirmed it)
  • Luck bonus raises the floor on the roll. The ceiling is still very high for the best items
  • PvP flag stacks with your global and gathering luck and so will affect the roll. Does it affect expedition runs?
  • Luck does NOT affect whether you get a drop or not
  • Luck does NOT affect the item quality that drops (green/purple/orange)

We as a community still have these questions:

  1. Can you expand on what you mean by “named items” mentioned in the video? Does it include trophy mats and legendary weapon crafting mats? Recipes? Crafting gear like armorer hat?

  2. Is the luck stat on shield working as expected when looting chests?

  3. Are pearls working as expected? The community feels it is overriding the equipment’s luck stat. There is a similar concern with Amulets having a luck stat subtracting from luck.

  4. Is it possible too much luck is messing up the rolls?

  5. Is there a sweet spot that could possibly occur if the item you are hunting is in a certain table. eg. trophy mats

  6. What does LuckSafe in the code mean?

  7. Is there a rest bonus type of variable being added to luck rolls? ie. if someone hasn’t logged in a long time or some kind of first roll of the day bonus

  8. Is there a known issue with the luck perk losing effectiveness after death or teleporting? The community thinks you need to re-equip everything after death or teleporting. Other perks have been proven to have this issue.

For the forum regulars: If I missed any questions please let me know.


you got my concerns already.

Very good questions.

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Some of that information I didn’t know, so thank you for posting this! Looking forward to hearing the response.


I would include the following:

Definition of a ‘named’ item
Luck resetting after a death (pvp or pve)
Luck trophies needing to be repositioned (not just after a server merge)
Luck gear having to be removed and then reworn

Edit - also tag the people you want to see it! eg @Kay @Luxendra


All good questions. Unfortunately the segment in the video raises more questions than anything they answered


How does this make any sense at all? If these 2 statements are in fact true then my question is

What the fuck is luck for?

I can tell you from experience being pvp flagged doesn’t help. having 26% luck doesn’t help. being in a group doesn’t help.

If I want to get a drop … A DROP meaning an ITEM OF random quality then I have to open a chest. At the moment I open the chest what is governing whether or not I get a Stacked Deck or Loaded Dice?

If it’s not Luck then what is it? Amazon Prime subscription length?


from the most basic understanding.

luck adds a number to a roll of a 100000 or something.

at like 99k there is a separate pool of crap that contains trophy mats.

there must be other buckets full of random crap like armor, potions, whatever. those armor coming as green purple or orange has nothing to do with luck so must be rolled by it self.

NAMED items as in stuff like creme dela crem or fays rapier might be effected by luck meaning those must be in their own bucket near 90k some where.

how convoluted.

My biggest question is the what exactly is a named item. If we are only talking named weapons or armor and not Trophy mats or recipes then luck is worthless to me.

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THIS. After this video luck seems pretty much useless.


I didn’t realize until this thread that Named items is a bit ambiguous. I took it for granted that trophy mats are basically named items. It would be good for a dev to speak on this.

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If I understood correctly named itens would be things such as “Fae Iron”.

I think luck was well balanced on the looting rare items, the problem is that since new world is low on population we do need it nerfed now.

Named items are items with fixed stats like a lazarus bow for example. And luck only icreases the chance to drop this named item, but has no impact on its rarity and that is the most BS ive ever seen in this game.

But yeah that only proofs that we were right all the time with our opinion that luck is broken and it doesnt matter at all (when it comes to trophy mats and legendary items)


It needed to be buffed long time ago. No reason that a trophy mat is more expensive than a big house i mean wtf

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i mean that extra luck really matters on drop chances.

If luck truly doesn’t help with trophy mats or recipes then I am destroying all my luck armor. It is a waste to carry.

its not recommended to destroy ur luck gear either lol.

I just don’t know what I would want it for. I am not going to wear it in a mutation dungeon. Sorry I know I should have just said put it in my bank. Just getting a little frustrated that I spent money and time putting together luck gear. If to find out it was a waste.


As somebody who has spent an inordinate amount of time in the datamines, analyzing all of this stuff, its frustrating for them to make a video so thin on details when they say its going to be a “deep dive”

When he says it increases your chances of getting a “Named” item - we sort of need to define what “Named” even means in this context. A named item is an item that has fixed perks, and generally, a name. It can either be jewelry trinkets, or weapons, or shields, but never armor.

There are a ton of named items in the game, all with different sources, many of which luck has no effect on: OPR caches, Invasion Caches, War Caches all have their own nameds, yet luck does not affect whats in those caches (supposedly)

There are 5 other loot buckets which contain the rest of the “Named” items.

  • GlobalNamed list. This is a 1/10000 chance that any mob and any chest anywhere in the game will proc you something ‘special’ here.
  • NamedWeaponsCreatures that drop from Named mobs in the open world.
  • EliteWeapons bucket - these are nameds specific to an elite POI
  • DungeonNamedItems which drop inside of expeditions.
  • DungeonBossGear bucket - drops only from the bosses in dungeons.

Luck does not affect GlobalNamed. The only time it does is when the devs dork a patch, and the first day of mutations has the RNG messed up and every trashmob was dropping ultra rare items. If you didnt get your Absolute Terror that day, you will never see it again.

Luck does not affect NamedWeaponsCreatures - There is a flat 10% chance you’re going to get a “Named” drop from a “named” open world mob that is specific to that mob (like the Grovewarden sword in reekwater named tentacle)

Luck does not affect the EliteWeapons bucket. You have a flat 13% chance to get something from that bucket if its a trashmob, 50% if its Named. What comes out of that bucket is tag dependent. Things like the 2hspear_bloodeaglespeart5 up in nihilo. Again, named items luck doesnt affect.

So, the only place luck increases your chances of getting “Named Items” is in dungeons which is a pretty important distinction to make.