Follow up questions about LUCK (can a dev please respond)

What they’ve said in the past (I’m pretty sure anyways; I’ve searched quite a bit for any luck related details they’ve released and read it all multiple times) is that luck does not affect the rarity of the items you get. However items that are more rare (and require a higher luck roll to get) are more likely to be of a higher rarity. And so you do indirectly have a higher chance to get a purple item than a green item if you have more luck.

For example, say that a roll of 30/100 (I know the rolls aren’t out of 100, but let’s pretend) gives you an item whose rarity spread is 5% grey, 50% green, 30% blue, 15% purple (as long as the item is not rolled at 600gs). And then a roll of 70/100 gives a different item whose rarity spread is 5% grey, 20% green, 40% blue, 35% purple.

So while luck itself doesn’t influence what rarity the item is (once the item has been chosen), it does influence which item is chosen and those items have different rarity spreads (where higher rolls are generally more likely to give items with “top heavy” rarity spreads.

any idea how the rolls at 600 determines what rarity it drops it?

a few guys and my self have received 600 drop instrumentality rings and various other stuff at 600 that didnt get legendary

quite frustrating for no reason.


Just the fact that we are all here talking about luck is a sign that we clearly dont have enough info on it. Why even make it a thing, stop making the luck a mystery. I get you guys want us to stay and figure it out but, its getting old. Take the mystery out of the luck game, let us know the factors so we can be successful. it feels like a giant troll at this point

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I mean is it not just semantics at this point?

Take a very simple item from a very top down view - “Defiled hatchet”. It can drop gray, green, blue, purple, or gold.

On a roll if the “rarity spread” is thru different buckets, of which luck affects, that’s tantamount to luck affecting the perks an item has. Just with extra layers.

In any event, it seems to be intentionally complicated… they can’t even explain it clearly in multiple attempts, posts, videos, etc. I’m not sure we were to ever supposed to know exactly how they set it up if not for everyone yelling about it and forcing them to try and explain.

The OP’s questions are the relevant ones. In the video you reiterated on what you already written, but to my memory no new information about the system as a whole came out. (I could be wrong, was a lil while since I watched the vid now)

On top of the questions OP has, I’d also like to ask if you intentionally adjust the drop rate of rare materials such as wildwood or void ores over time. And if this is the case, can you please make sure the adjustments are in the patch notes? And if you do adjustments without patching, that this information is conveyed here in the forums? (Also, if you don’t tweak them intentionally, be aware that some of your code changes from patch to patch in this area so, a potential bug)

I feel, a bit part of why luck is so talked about and that a lot of people feel they’ve been fooled, is that changes to the system has occoured over time since the release of the game. But very little of this has been shared with the community.

I’ve written it in some other thread, but basically what this does is that you find an ‘edge’ in the markets by going to farm spot X or Y. Two days later the drops are completely nullified, you start seeing these posts in the forum about amulets not working, pearls not working, trophies not working and it becomes an echo chamber.

Please, whilst’ i’m typing. Add to the interface in game where you can see your accumulated stats, similiar to if you hover over your stats in the ‘tab/inventory’ menu. Your luck values as well. Gathering luck, Global luck, etc etc.

Looking forward to the patch. But I can’t reiterate this enough, people want to know their stats so they can optimize their characters and not feel like they’re wasting time or having to guess. The suggestions in this post are meant to overcome that desire.



[Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2 Is where they talked about luck in depth in the past.

Key quote: Luck doesn’t increase your chance to get higher gear score rolls or roll more perks, but it does increase your chances of seeing item drops that have higher chances of rolling bonuses.

i.e. you have a better chance of landing in the “family gear” bucket which has higher perk roll rates, but luck doest affect rolling for those perks once in that bucket

“Defiled Hatchet” has its own rarity spread. Say 5/50/30/15. So after you do the first roll to determine what item(s) you’re getting, the rarity spread is set. If you get a higher roll, you’ll get a different item (maybe a named item) which likely has a more top-heavy rarity spread.

This is at least my interpretation of what they said in the dev blog a few months back.

The luck conversation has been going on with community moderator responses for at least a month. Every time, a moderator tells us that they will relay the information to the devs and we get a very general response that basically “let’s put a pin in it “.

I find it very hard to believe that AGS really thought they were answering our luck questions in that video. I mean, if they had spent any time on the forums at all, they would see about 20 questions regarding luck (none of which were answered in this months video).

If we have to wait another month to find out any more information, I might spontaneously combust. Please stop holding us hostage!

I get that you may not want to release the details of the code/process. But please at least answer some of the general questions we’ve been asking for months about pearls!

I just really want to know the answer to one question; one clarification from what was said in the video on luck:

When they mentioned that global luck from monster/chest drops only affects NAMED items - does that mean that global luck ONLY actually affects equipment?

I can wait for more clarification on luck later, but I really think it’s not unreasonable to get a yes or no to that one simple question.

Thank you for this. I am positive that a rested luck bonus is in effect. I’ve tested it too many times. I ran 30 trophy material runs in a row. I received 1 trophy mat, 5 furniture schematics, 7 furniture items. I’ve ran 10 runs, same path every other day. I’ve received 1-2 mats every run (I hate the combat dummy), 40+ furniture items and 22 schematics.

Once the patch goes in on Monday it would be really useful to know if anything changes in regards to luck.

Read this:

Then come back here and convince me Luck does ANYTHING.

TLDR - It doesn’t since most stuff is tagged LuckSafe and it just comes down to hitting chests over and over

100% agree… when I take a break and come back, pay taxes and equip gear my mining luck gear I get a way more drops. Today I went from FL to CK… I had 8 Pristine Onyx and 10 Cinnibar - that is from primarily the three Plat veins and the Ori vein. I was even getting drops from Silver and Iron. I even got a mange hide from a wolf.

Same thing happens in WW when I do a fiber run after a week long break… I come back with a bag full of Blisterweave, Shawdow, etc….

I guarantee there is a mechanic or glitch or something when you farm constantly - I’ve taken off full luck gear after getting nothing then mine a plat vein and a huge dump of drops show up…

If Luck doesn’t affect whether you get a drop or not… if it doesn’t affect the quality of that drop…

What does it affects exactly then?

It affects this exactly:

If I’m looking for “Chemanel’s Ring” form “X” boss, the more luck I have the more chances I have for “Chemanel’s Ring” to drop.

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Thanks for your answer… But this is all that luck does it’s totally useless in 99% of the cases.

My goal of luck should be to drop more legendaries for example, to try to have more rolls to be able to drop a good legendary with good perks. But that doesn’t seem to be the case or affect those rols in any way… What a shame.

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If there’s 0.5% chance that I get a trophy, and I have +50% luck, I would expect that I now have 0.75% chance at getting a trophy. I wouldn’t expect to have 50% of the max roll added to my roll…

I dont mind the fact it works like how it does, If i want " Timeskeeper Sword" from Leviathan, Then i will wear luck gear and farm him to “ANY” varient drops thats above 590. Then just upgrade with Umbrals to 600. (As i will be doing with Will Of Ancients & Infamy.)

Although i do have a problem of how little the information required to get Trophy Mats is. Regarding that there should be a “BadLuck” system where as everytime you open a chest you get 0.05% perma increase to your luck to roll into the high tier table, Once you do then it resets. This way its like saying “We see yous spending Hours running trophy runs in Reek/SM/Ebon. Keep at it your reaching a guareenteed drop in that table” But instead we spend hours and hours on pure RNG with a 0.75% was it? chance of getting a trophy drop. Also the fact that they wont tell us if Combat Trophy Mats are influenced by Luck when killing mobs. (Ancient Mandable/ Corrupted Totem)

Those items are marked LuckSafe and you have a locked in 1/500 chance to get one every time you kill the associated mob.

If you didn’t read the whole thing, here’s the part most of you are after:

non-combat Trophy mats are only found supply stockpiles/ancient chests. Long story short: there is a 25% chance (unaffected by luck) to hit the sub table (ContainerLootLargeExtra ) that points at the Trophy artifacts bucket, and a .5% chance to get a trophy artifact, (99500), but that table is affected by luck, so take whatever your luck % is, divide it by 40, and thats how much more likely you are to get trophy mats from supply stockpiles and ancient chests in an area with high enough levels to drop them (35/55)

First, you have a 25% chance, unaffected by Luck at all, to hit the right subtable and only a .5% chance to get the trophy from that subtable.

So at +50% Luck / 40 you get 1.25% higher chance to get Trophy Mats from Ancient Chests and Stockpiles ONLY on that subtable.

Clever marketing will say that going from a 0.125% chance at a trophy mat to a 1.375% Is an 1100% increase in your chances, despite going from almost no chance, to barely any chance at all.