Food Trying to level and I can’t

This is straight bull crap I cannot buy any food can’t buy any potions and I’m trying to level I am so extremely pissed right now

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I mean really we have a lot of people trying to level some of us cannot make food or pots show me the very difficult to even stay alive especially when the population is very low now :pensive:

Gather materials, sell em, buy whatcha need. Rawhide, Iron Ore and Fibers are almost always in demand.

Go harvest the mats and then craft them? There are other options than using gold.


When wealth transfer is disabled, the trading post is also disabled.

More news at 11.

Ah, is it still? Well then yeah, basic heal pots are like, Hyssop and water.

That is the main problem, right? You come from a big city, you were simply on a 3 hour tour to another big city, storm threw your ship of course and now you are shipwrecked in Aeternum. No waiters, no concierges, no butlers or maids. No bars where everybody knows your name.

There are no banks, you have no job, you have no gold to buy. But there is remedy! All manner of little critter runs around waiting to “jump into my belly!” All manner of violet colored, fluffy purple plants called hyssop waiting to be plucked and combined with water that is everywhere, into a health potion so you wont be breaking bad from health loss!

If Aeternum becomes to much for you, there are undead, corrupted, lions and tigers and bears…to help you solve all your money problems, one way or another. Sadly in Aeternum, there is no Yellow brick road that will lead you to a city where everything is handed to you.

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