For me this should be improved/modified!

since penultimate betal i’ve complained about things like that, and i’m disappointed that it hasn’t changed and some things have changed for the worse, remembering that i don’t play PvP so what I say is in view of PvE!

  • The warehouse needs to be expanded (minimum 10,000/20,000), in less than 4/5 game days almost all of them have already filled the warehouses.

  • The bug in the clan’s “message of the day” window needs to be fixed, if you press to write something when you press the letter “O, M and etc” the window closes, and since you can’t use copy and paste in the game it becomes the hardest things.

  • Item specs should be separated as “side A” and “side B”, PvE and PvP.

  • The musket still needs a buff in PvE, both in damage and reload time, the crosshair needs to be helped (increases the arc by 2 to 4 pixels upwards) ( aki
    ), could by the player option change the crosshair color, the amount of ammo to be moved from the underside of the crosshair (1cm down I think it would be good) and fix the bugs of that weapon dual shot sound.

  • when the ammo runs out, you could use a shortcut to press and equip the new pack or put it to be pulled from the backpack automatically.

  • Some musket skills don’t seem useful like other weapons, being a projectile going at almost the speed of sound if not the speed of sound, it doesn’t make sense the “Stopping Power” skill just push the mob back a few centimeters, should or knock down, jofar for about 2 or 3m back and stun for about 5 sec.

  • That of you running and you getting debuffed when it is hit is very annoying, it should only read when PvP is activated, never in PvE.

  • AFK disconnect should be in 30 or 40 minutes, the guy may have gone to the bathroom and when he comes back he has to wait in queue…can you just be kidding?!.

  • It could come back with the character’s animation by putting the backpack on the ground when opening the inventory.

  • The movements are very arcade and robotic for both mobs and players, it could make it more fluid and less locked in many situations.

  • At times in combat it drops to 20 FPS.

  • All warehouses lack a search option.

  • There is no advanced search option on the market.

  • The factions could be cultural themes instead of colors, each city taken would have a different architectural design.

  • Ammunition in general should be reduced in weight.

  • Add the option of “Defend” with Musket and “rifle butt on the head” the defender only works at close range would be an attack that instantly stuns the mob.

  • Remove this from “item binds to pick up”, “item binds to equip”, many good equipment is not sold to people in need because of this, as long as such equipment is properly repaired it should be allowed to be sold or given away.

  • Increase the exp per mission and the exp increases with the level of the mission, I’m progressing faster in missions than leveling up

  • the possibility of changing at least 1 weapon/armor skill attribute(example: I got a perfect weapon but with Hated it makes me focus on mobs, I don’t need to change it for something I can actually use, like Sharp).

I will update here as I remember a few more things, post some bugs here too.
note: Musket is an expensive weapon, expensive ammo (expensive manufacture) than iron has the same damage as a stone arrow (wtf?!) as an arrow with feather, twig and iron you make the minition, still in the bow you have fast fire in sequence, shower of arrows as skill while in musket is not the “Nerf” he is in PvE I don’t see advantages in him in PvE.

sorry my bad english.

@ApricotScarf I wait for your answer.

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