For players upset their weapon got/will be gutted. Read this topic explaining why

Hi. I see many of players are new, all good, I will explain why your weapon got hard nerf (and rightfully so from a short term goal but badly for long term)

This company has a history of simply Nerfing or Buffing things. No balance or middle ground. They are not capable of balance just yet. Maybe it’s their knowledge, or code, upstairs being angry or everything in the middle. A general time frame.

-Full loot on death: Removed no middle ground. (You guys would not play this game if this was in. Enjoy your sweet playground because you’d quit or be forced to quit by alpha players)

-Stagger: Removed. They said nothing about it. Just removed it killing this game in that single update. (Most would not be good at this game neither and also quit or forced out by alpha players and intelligence setups. You guys are lucky this is gone. Lucky!)

-Trapper skill tree. Entire skill tree gutted to unusable state. Didn’t announce anything.

-Siege. Made it overpowered by 20%. gutted the next version now absolutely useless at max level max gear score because of combat choices.

-Movement speed. It was walk and run. Now all run. All forms of locomotion and passives dealing with speed are gutted this is why you always notice a delay when activating a passive movement buff because you’re already going maximum speed. Gutted and they didn’t say anything.

-Passives that deal x damage when health is y or when you are at full health. Useless. Didn’t say a word when they did this. Those passives work with stagger because you’re supposed to move around and make your opponent guess and keep them from using their turn then those passives that makes you do more damage when you have x and they have y would work. Now since everyone just left click spam face to face those passives are useless! They didn’t acknowledge anything when they did this.

Do you see the pattern or no? They don’t balance. They never balanced just either removed or added. This is why your stuff is being gutted and will be gutted the more and more it’s abused and overused because, and it really pains me to say this even though some of this is truly braindead, just how this game is.

Don’t make any intelligent builds unless you are only looking for a specific altercation in a specific setting. it is not worth it because this game is confused to what to do.

Yea it’s pretty clear the dev team is nothing but incompetent, balance aside they aren’t even capable of fixing basic bugs. The outlook is bleak.


Lesser games have basic systems in place where as this game does not and that goes beyond and critically acclaimed and now gutted pvp system like general guild logs, swimming to name a few.

Everything is fine wu4ae

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good info! what stagger did they remove tho, cause the ga and hammer still stagger and interupt on ligth attakcs, it looks glitchy as fuck, but some sort of stagger is stillt here ont hsoe weapons.

when u get hit ur character does some stupid animation throwing hrere head back, slowing u momentarily, messes up dodge rolls, casues rubber bands alot espeically on high pop servers, stops almost all interactions ,with gates to get in your base, etc. were as i dont thionk magic and ranged do that.

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