For Tanks: How much threat does damage actually generate?

Does anyone know how much threat is generated by tanks that do a lot of DPS? Are there any multipliers? Thanks for any info.

As long as their is a carnelian in your weapons you can maintain threat just by light attacks. If you deal significant dps with a carnelian in just doing light attacks you will gain alot of threat. Nothing works better than your taunts tho. I dont know exact numbers, but i have no hated or despised gear on and can maintain, and re-aggro mobs that may stray just but light attacking. Higher damage coupled with carnelian means lots of threat.

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as long as you have despised or hated on some of your gear namely jewelry, shield and weapon as well as a carnelian in your sword maintaining threat won’t be an issue although if dps does high enough burst then they can pull off of you. I’ve hit 14k aoe damage on detonate and have pulled off the tank.

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