For the female gamers out there!

they’re called pecs on men and they are not the same thing as breasts on women… man, i seriously wonder about people who confuse mamary glands with muscles. the reason they look like they have no hips is the muscle built up in the core mass and their upper legs, which i did mention. no matter how you put it, women have breasts and wider hips even if slightly in preportion to men’s. i studied anthro and archaeology, we can tell the difference between men and women in a few ways and one of them is the pelvic region. of course age is a factor, congenital, and disease, it is harder to tell with younger and things like marfan’s.


If you were responding to my comment with that, I said CHEST, as a general term to describe the muscles and area around the upper torso… Your response doesn’t argue anything I said and some how assumes I meant breasts? When YOU are the only one that brought up breasts… smh

Who brought up pole dancing? You are quoting me so I guess you think I brought up pole dancing for some reason? Might want to check that.
I do agree, figure skaters do tend to not have the more masculine traits that most sports do, EG: running, weight lifting, pole jumping, swimming(lesser extent), gymnastics… I agree with everything else you said, but in the 17th century women were, as a matter of honor, not allowed to be in war. Not because of any form of “chauvinism” but because the human population was still low enough that women were far more valuable alive to reproduce then spending as currency in stupid land and religion wars.

@Kryor, nice video, the only part I disagree with is her “I would wear as a costume” because that isn’t a qualifier for ranking armor lolol. Heck even in most of these examples there is little or no feminine traits if you can’t see the persons face/hair… Of course back in the 15th century the men had about the same hair sooo not really going to make a difference really.

Doubt cosmetic stuff will change i.e see the “BODY SELECTION” not “GENDER” on character creation… :rofl: again more woke stuff that no one cares about in a game.


Pec’s are chest muscles…


We have been listening to your feedback on ways we can improve our communication with you. This post, which hopefully you have gotten this far into, is an expression of our desire to do a better job of communicating about the issues and feedback we receive from our passionate community.

I don’t see any communication going on here.


If you take a look at Amazon Prime content packs its obvious that the female audience is totally omitted.
Even the emotes showcase only includes male silhouettes.
And… upcoming pack is … a King! of course.


Regarding [Representation and Character]:

I’m afraid I don’t see anything optimistic here. There’s nothing in that section beyond a justification for their aesthetic design choice philosophy (much of which has already been mentioned in this thread and without complaint). So many words wasted on an explanation that is already understood, supported, and which is a non-issue.

What I do see - in the two sentences concerning future outfits - is an insistence upon same old same old.

“We also intend to continue adding variety in outfits that offer a more feminine or masculine look that can be worn by all body types.”

Ye gods.

The vast majority of those that look (or want to look) ‘feminine’ have no interest whatsoever in ‘looking masculine.’ FYI, the bulk of these are called women.

The vast majority of those that look (or want to look) ‘masculine’ have no interest whatsoever in ‘looking feminine.’ FYI, the bulk of these are called men.

The approach adopted by AGS is catering to an overwhelming minority of players and is both insistently blind to reality and hamstrung by ideology.

They cannot solve this. They don’t know how… or rather they DO know how but they’re not going to do it 'cos they appear to want to create a more ‘inclusive’ world and subvert reality and expectation… even if this approach contributes to player dissatisfaction and exodus.

Character customisation and appearance in this game is bloody awful (aesthetically) - especially for women - and outright shameful (technically) for a 2021 game.

Finally… all of this concerns outfits and costumes alone. There’s no mention of body-model choice or customisation whatsoever… and no mention of stance, movement, and animation issues. Change those and they could go far in improving ‘the female and the feminine’ in-game and truly allow players to ‘create a character they can relate to and that fits the personality they want their character to convey.’

But no. They will not do it. They simply cannot.

Result? Dissatisfaction. Exodus.

Edit : The most memorable aspect of my female character in this game - that I can relate to - is her name. And I gave her that. There’s nothing that the game gave me in terms of her character that I can relate to. That’s a woeful state of affairs. Give me the tools to do more.



they seriously made one with a guy spreading his legs… aka “manspreading”… and no, a woman doesn’t sit like that needing to let her balls air or something…


I am hoping that they do more than just give us something that we already have. And that their statement of ‘all body types’, doesn’t just mean the 2 body types there already. I am hoping for more options…

We also intend to continue adding variety in outfits that offer a more feminine or masculine look that can be worn by all body types. As for character creation looking further ahead we have a few plans for how we can expand the available options as well as offer new ways to customize your character.

Offering new ways to customize our character will be good if there are truly options…
If it is more of the same, then I will be very sad, because this game is amazing despite all its faults…It could even be called a masterpiece… the visuals, the sounds…
It is, however, let down by its character customization, and its depiction of the female toon…

Hopefully… they will remedy this.


Aye. Hope. I hear you.

I’ve lost it, I’m afraid.

I play my male character as I simply can’t face playing my female character.

One of the women I play with despises the way her ‘female’ character looks and cannot find an on-level chestpiece (let alone gloves/boots) that pleases her and makes her feel a smidgeon happier or a smidgeon more ‘connected’ to her character. It really is an aspect of the game that she hates. As in… hates. It’s the only game we’ve played together where this is true. God help us when she reaches 60 and sees the options available to her for end-game.

For AGS, all of this is a self-inflicted wound. I sincerely wish they could see this.


Sea of Thieves has a good system, each skin has a variant for each gender, a feminine one and a masculine one and the feminine one is not at all sexualized.


Hopefully, they can see this.

I also hope that they make it worthwhile to reach level 60.
I also hope that they allow single players to be able to complete the game without having to team up with strangers to do dungeons or fight large mobs in some quests.

I play alone due to friends on other servers etc… old story… I have joined a company, but they keep to themselves… so I have to play alone. This means I can’t do much of what this game holds.
Not being able to play a character/toon that I feel a connection to makes this worse.

I… yes…even I started a new ‘male’ character… lol
(I just wanted to see what he was like)… He is like my lady… I won’t be playing with him much though.

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If you are on Pyrallis you can hit me up, My company is hiring.

ESO has a good balance of skins from skimpier to more covered up, from more form fitting to looser, for both genders. I think something similar should work.
I really hope they don’t go the GW2 approach where every skin looks absolutely different on male or female characters, and many times the female version is too revealing or skimpy.
The Devs mention on the topic at least gives some good impression…I hope they deliver.

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Yess! When i saw New World’s character customization first time i was shocked. Female characters is SO UGLY and body types either, every character have same height and FACES! We can make our characters faces and bodies. I think characters should be editable by players instead of choosing types. :angry:


:sleepy: ‘‘no mention of stance, movement, and animation issues’’ You are so right! I’ll be very upset especially if they do not pay attention to these details. Also every player wants to play with a unique character, created by themselves, am i wrong?! :pensive:


Enabling connection to in-game characters is MMO Design 101. It is completely missing from this game. Utterly.

Focus shifts early on to weapons, skills, attributes, wars, crafting and gathering etc… in other words, to the nuts-and-bolts mechanics of the game. Even when activities are fleetingly fun and engaging, your character is merely the means by which ‘stuff’ get done.
It’s nothing but a tool for number-generation. I’m as connected and invested towards my own character as I am to a hatchet or a 200 logging accomplishment.

So players end up caring more about the statistics of their characters… what they do with it… rather than who they are or what they look like (which simply doesn’t factor in at all, from a design or play perspective).

Frankly, I don’t give a monkeysack for my character AS a character… beyond the name I’ve given it.

There’s nothing memorable on offer… other than how unfeasably crap my character looks… and there’s nothing individual or unique, whatsoever.

All of this is one huge own goal and AGS have no-one to blame but themselves.

So no… you’re not wrong :slight_smile:


I love this game and i want to play it for a long term. Hopefully they see this serious issue and they do something for that!

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Please note I never intended this to be a troll session. I used the topic specifically as an eye catcher as this issue has been overlooked, under prioritized and simply left for later so many times I figured perhaps how it is marketed “The title” would rise a few hairs and as we see it did.
Having said this I think it has gotten way off topic a few time and I am glad to see a few rational brains have tried as well to steer it back to topic.

In short, I suggest the following.

  1. Yes, more needs to be done on the female frame and movement mechanics. This should be a priority for the coding and DEV teams out of the gate.

  2. Yes many male players playing female toons want to have that “Come Hither” look so why not make a few buck and place such “Attire” on the store. Folks buy it and use this as an appearance cover / change. It would not matter what I was actually wearing. It instead would show the cosmetic covers I have BOUGHT and chosen.

  3. I am sure for the majority of female gamers “and there are many in the world” they would all like to look like the proverbial male gauged 10 in game, however I am also fairly certain “at least from the feedback I get from females I have played with in games over the years”, that if they want to look like such, give them the option to do so. But, do not force it upon them as dropped items. Personally I did eventually go to the store and bought some items as cosmetic covers as I eventually got tired of what a lot of the stuff looked like I was picking up.

  4. A lot of folks seem to justify this either from a males perspective only or justifying it as “This is a game”, if this was not intended to have any basis in reality then they should not have posted the disclaimer they do on game entry every time.

“The New World team consulted with experts and our diverse workforce on the depictions of the cultures we have drawn from, and will continue to do so as we add more in the future.”

This statement at least lead me to believe they were shooting for something more realistic and historical, not fantasy. So maybe they may wish to rethink their disclaimers.

Lastly and as simply a side note to this, I have found the female generalization to be what it is for many years now. For some reason it seems that companies still seem to think that the mass majority of their customer base is 13 to 17 year old male teenagers.
As someone who has covered and dealt with issues in the gaming communities for years I can only say hang in their ladies as also the thousands of Disabled gamers as well have mostly been given a back seat mentality of “All gamers must have 2 operational eyes, ears, hands and feet as well as working vocal cords.” So why bother giving consideration when creating game mechanics and controls for disabled gamers?! I mean there is none out there right? it is all a big conspiracy right?

So just know you are not alone in the “Just Ignore it those few will go away”, department of gaming development offices. Sometimes you just have to wait for a generation to die off before you see any significant changes in a society.
Peace to all, have a safe and healthy coming holiday season.


I hear you, my wife will not play because she feels the game makers discriminate against women by not having better women character customization skins.


That looks like something from the old trailer for Diablo II I think it was the Demon Hunter.
But yes sexy, fitting, but also realistically plausible. Me likeiezzz

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