For the love of god do not push the split stat gear change

Crafting is bad enough as it is and those that cant afford gear now will be paying 3 to 4 times the amount they would pay for a regular BiS piece of gear. Not to mention you can’t even craft timeless with split stats AND people burned all of their split stat craft mods when they made constitution mods craftable. This is an actually horribly thought out change.


Like most changes of importance AGS make haha


a change nobody asked for and nobody wants.


Ya AGS has no idea whats going on in their own game. I bet 30% of pvp players quit with these changes once they realize all their old BIS gear is worthless and they have to farm again or RMT.


I am, admittedly, out of the loop on this one. Why is this an issue? Not being sarcastic.

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They are directly making a change where if you have all split stats gear you have 50 more attribute points than someone with just con gear. So if you are a good pvp player with 2/2 BiS at least on your gear then you have to make a WHOLE NEW SET just to stay competitive. And to top it all off you cant craft timeless shard crafts with split stat mods.

another 30 % is just bots so i wonder if at least one server will be alive lol

You will also probably need to recraft your weapons as well since perks on weapons are like 50% more effective than on armor.

So you will want your main perk on your weapon now.

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They saw that split stat gear was underutilized in their metrics.

That obviously means you should screw pretty much everyone who wasnt using them in the next patch.

Ignore the reasons why we didnt run split stat gear and nerf everyone!

They dont know why the number is that way or what it means but they will destroy the entire gear market and high level pvp to change it!

Yet another example of how utilization metrics dont make good game design. This isnt fucking web design. Please learn that while you stilll have some players left.

Metrics have their place but they do not replace vision or competence or understanding how your product actually works.


I picked up a leeching/thwarting strikes/grav well gaxe for 11k a week ago, and already main a thwarting strikes/jagged/reap gaxe and a rogue/ref move/leaping strike sword so this is a change I don’t mind for once :rofl:

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This is a very experimental change and we are looking for feedback through you all playtesting on PTR to evaluate the balance and impact of these changes before we consider them going live. Please check them out in-game and continue to share your feedback. If these dual stat changes become desirable we will appropriate updates to Timeless Shard Recipes.


could you let us know by how much these will be increased at 625?

we could just math out most of it really quickly to figure out what to expect and if its viable to have mixed mono or duel perks or if that is worthless or not.

by worthless i mean if we cannot even reach a threshold or not with whatever extra stats we get.

Is there any hard data that can be posted in the forums for us to dissect and discuss? Data always makes the medicine go down a little easier.

I say this because the hard data about how many people run more than 20 mutated dungeons in a week in the game was like less than 5% of the community, it helped give some perspective to why those numbers were chose.

I’d have to agree here, it just seems confusing to me and I have 1000 hours I can’t imagine newer players.

I just went through the perk changes and some other unnecessary changes that will backfire extremely. I give up on this team to save my time.

In the PTR the new amount of total attribute stats you can earn if you have a 625 dual attribute items in all slots is 320 (currently 270 in Live). This is enough to get you to an additional 50 attribute point threshold bonus. Again, experimental in PTR, so please check it out and give feedback.

Also please share any feedback on the other perk balance changes as we polish those up before release.


Our feedback is to not add this changes since nobody asked for it. Thank you very much.


How are we expected to create 625 split stat sets to “test that” when we get random gear from crates in PTR?

Do we not realize how this mode works, and do we not understand the gigantic disparity that 50 stat points represents at endgame?

I mean… we already showed how big the actual difference is between 600 and 625 and that it’s soul crushing to anyone not at the top level… How do your designers expect this to not be creating a gigantic 2nd class out of all the people who can’t afford to regear to stay relevant?

I’m sure we’ve mentioned that and it was brought to the devs, before thousands of players quit as a result of it the last time you jacked up the max stats.

You have way less players now to afford that sort of mistake.


THAT. Take it to the devs.


This is just going to further the gap between people in PVP, and require a huge grind for resources, and shards. Back on the hamster-wheel we go for a change that no one really cares for.

Why not just update shards to use dual-stats? If someone wants to split stats a certain way, so be it, but don’t FORCE people to split stats.

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