For the love of god do not push the split stat gear change

I kind of get what they are trying to accomplish. It’s a shame that some builds are just impossible to make it work even por pve. My performance with Last Waltz/Void Gauntlet was pretty poor even with the right equipment. Now, I also get that this will f.up some folks and overpower up some strong builds. But I think if it’s done correctly it can improve the overall gameplay.

Also, please gentlemen of AGS, it is about time to allow crafters to select AT LEAST 2 perks when crafting items. Maybe adding the Runestones nobody uses to the craft formula?

No, they were going to make wars 40v40 but based on player feedback they decided against it. No other feature was described as experimental…

bow or lifestaff do not benefit from the change because both only scale with one attribute.
so someone like you is not affected by the change at all.

That never made it on the ptr, they asked the community first before testing it. For that one they did the smart thing. Making war more inclusive is bad.

split stat items can be con and focus as well or dex and con… there not just dex and int or str and int… there all the types. Which dose mean full re working for everyone.

simple and fast answier: No

How about reading the patch notes before you start writing about changes in a patch.

Here the Link:

monk is con and focus perk… * Monk Attributes: The total stats provide by this stat combination have been increased. from ptr
im not looking everyone up for you but ya there doing emm all those are the split stat mods

So simple and fast answer its in the ptr and since you don’t craft apparently, yes re works will be needed to all peoples armor to keep up.

no it isn’t. :joy::joy::joy:

its the name of the armor when you craft it with the perk ok thats the focus str one dosnt matter there is focus con one there on liist to

he’s not laughing anymore is he?

Anyone wanna argue?

no it isn’t.
it is neither the “Cleric” (foc, con) or “Nomad” (con,foc) armor attribute perk listed.

pro tip: reading the patch notes would prevent you from saying such nonsense.

damn you’re dead set on trying to prove you’re right no matter what huh? lol
why are people in this community so hostile as if THEY need to prove their point is better?
Yall need some help.

Its not even worth the time, if people cant understand how all stats should come out to same number at end of day. Its kind of sad, also all void bent armor that suppose to be so hard to make. Has single stats, and will be even more useless wow great for crafters. 625 Colom A should have same amount of stats as 625 Colum B yes put in different areas for there skills but same amount to work with.

i know there are supporters of so-called alternative facts, i am not one of them.
and if someone clearly proves something wrong, i will put it right.

that ain’t changing shit tho… you can’t tell by now? XD pointless arguments to swap another nerds opinions wont get you very far… specially when it’s not debating, rather arguing straight to the threshold of nerd rage… So even if you were right (or other people in general) what good is it if the person you’re proving wrong now doesn’t like you enough to even consider it to be fact…

You already set a tone of being a douche XD lmao so it’s too late to even agree with you.

See? down below ↓ rofl

go on the ptr there on it, including focus/con ones right now. I assumed the devs woulda been brave enough to let people know those ones are being done to. I go on the ptr to test crap every split stat adds more i cant get it all way up or bis on there but they do add more

I also don’t dislike Judge in anyway its just a argument he’s welcome to his opinion but iv been on the ptr and know what the results will be.

oooooh k… sure…

first: a fact is not an opinion.
apart from that, it doesn’t really matter whether someone on the forum likes me or not.
also, i don’t want to change anyone’s opinion, i just want the discussion to be from the right state.
i haven’t written anything in this thread about whether i think the change is good or bad, i’m not entirely sure.

according to the patch notes and the last dev video, the con split stats are excluded.
If they have now implemented this differently in the ptr that’s another matter entirely.
the question is it is a bug on ptr or they want to include the con split stat also.

if it’s your fact, then it’s vs his opinion… on the other side of the coin, if it’s his fact, then it’s your opinion… all = argument. lol is what I’m getting at.

it’s funny to me :slight_smile:

on another note… Did anyone test leaping strike + shield bash on PTR?
or the value of Trenchant Recovery?

god i hope its a bug but either way i don’t like all my dps armor builds having to be re made while leaving healers if not a bug more at risk with less stats.