For the love of god do not push the split stat gear change

It’s 10/20 now on Armor when it’s split. Haven’t been able to test weapons yet because I don’t have the food, and they don’t have any town buffs up.

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The attribute buff is the worst change ever, do not add it into the real patch, it will destroy the whole gear system.

That’s not possible with split stat gear :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Fully agreed. We do not need these changes.


Just get rid of split stat gear all together? You have 10 slots and attribute points. If you wanted a hybrid build, just build your gear that way.



It’s very restrictive to compete with builds that can build into high tier bonuses and the 200 con bonus. This just frees up variety and choice while also balancing the competition.

You mean the attribute thresholds? Is that the purpose of the extra stats?

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Without question. You’re correct. The damage increase from 50 attribute points is tiny. Were talking about a 2% to 5% increase under normal PvP standards. And barely brings it to the same standard as weapons that scale at 100% weapon dmg. It’s a fair balance. Split gear builds can’t benefit from high 300 bonuses and build into 200 con. So the extra versatility in tree builds is to counteract that.

They always come with a crap ton of options. This time you get 5 boxes for each single stat type: Sage, Scholar, Soldier, Sentry and Ranger. Within those boxes, you get full sets of armor in Heavy, Medium, and Light. Jewlery is included in each of those boxes. Pretty sure it’s the same that it has always been.

So you can build whatever type of set you want, but it’s not an infinite number of armor sets. I salvaged most of what I opened until I had a solid, usable set. Weapon options were pretty weak, but if they ever get Town Buffs up, I can spam 595-600 weapons until I get something I want.

You also get a TON of raw and refined mats (Asmo, Orichalcum Ingots, etc), and other stuff. Opening too many of these will leave you encumbered to the point that you can’t move, and you’ll run into the realization that you can’t unload more weight at once than your bag can hold. Did this on accident with the food resources, and had to log out every time I dumped 1000 weight so I could do it again. Ended up deleting that character and making a new one.

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It’s a pretty poor testing platform tbh.

Just to clarify for those NOT on the PTR, the stats effectively bring Split stat armour and jewellery up to par with single attribute gear. So 31. And weapons provide 36.

I was initially wrong about the total you could receive. Because like most. I originally assumed Split stat armour and jewellery provided 31 attributes. It only provides 26 per piece.

Therefore, the speculative difference between a Single Attribute build and a Dual one is only 15 to 25 attribute points difference. Total been 525 and 535. Which is well within the scope of both tier 5 foods, and potential 650 GS upgrades falling below 600.

So besides it reiterating my point that the change is not as god awful as people are making it out to be, I am sorry for providing a grossly exaggerated total pool amount of 565.

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You must not pvp, to think a extra 50 stats wouldn’t matter. Also there ruining every set from beginning of game. Plus 50 stats equals 1 tenth of your over all char stats ATM, so that’s a lot 50 stats matter. The games down to its lowest numbers ever, will be dead by end of year and people like you are always jumping on here defending the bad choices which are clearing the game out week after week. Honestly though most games of this type change, they usually have a safety net to make up for there players work on there sets. This game doesn’t use one or compensate players when they waste there time, which is why we keep loosing more people or at least one of the man reasons.

@Properso is correct though. 50 attribute points aggregated out across all dual attribute weapons is less than a 5% increase in damage in regular PvP match ups. It’s not going to be noticeable in the slightest. You’ll notice Chain, Bleeds and Burns more.

No, its literally gonna be 100 more damage. But yea sure i dont pvp because i think 100 more damage isnt noticeable i guess :skull:

“Bad choices” its literally a new idea, an experimental change that they wont implement if it isnt good. And yet youre already busy crying “gAmE dEaD” like an actual baby. “You must not pvp” :joy::joy::joy::joy: u probs use ga wh and suck with it :joy::joy::joy::clown_face:

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or it could be 2000 more life added to a dex user or other light user for example making them much stronger, also its making sets have less stats and weapons have less stats which people have worked there whole game to acquire. Yep sure dose matter and if you cant hit reality about the numbers this game has atm its on you. People defending what 80% of the community doesn’t want has driven the game into the ground.

So funny we loose between 25% our players every month right? listening to people like you.
Who cant realize the slice of pie left, is crumbs and soon they will be licking the plate alone.
Its cool you keep clapping your hands telling them how great there doing.

p.s I’m 625 every weapon and armor type this is bad all around I’m also maxed on my crafting skills and run a 90 man company. Example 2k more life while im healing with my rapier people gonna cry even more.

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everything they have put on the ptr has been released, which is why it starts testing less then a month before its released, our opinion be damned. This isn’t a experiment this is what’s about to happen period.

Mate it’s 15 to 20 extra points. You need to relax. If dex users want to go to to 200 or 250 con, let them i say.

its 50 total extra points which is 2k life on someone like me, when I heal or use my bow I go from 1 or 2 deaths a opr, to 0 deaths.
Also for a true completist there set is ruined, there final state is gone, since now other armor gives more stats. Yet is made with same material, the stats should be even amount given +31 to weapon should be same on split or solid stat’s… its bad change which forces the issue to just be put in reverse, making it so the solid stat is now worse.
devs confirmed it was 50 extra points in the video

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Up from 26 total stats, not 31. The extra 10 come from the weapons at 36, and the third tree’s extra five. So 15 for a three tree build.

even if it was 5 more points it means people will re work there whole sets but the devs said in there video 50 extra was achievable

people who this small amounts of points don’t matter to, don’t work to min max there sets and do the best they can to help there team. There the same people who don’t use coating or have 3 houses with trophy’s for dungeons. They think there not giving up great damage i promise you they are and doing a lot more in long run. Even for just 5% at 1 mil damage that’s 50k extra it adds up.