For the love of god do not push the split stat gear change

god i hope its a bug but either way i don’t like all my dps armor builds having to be re made while leaving healers if not a bug more at risk with less stats.

yea skitzo build dead cant leap into bash anymore sry

s/s wasn’t the reason for BB being unbalanced though XD these devs are fuckin up left and right…
was I for real the only person with s/s and hammer in the game or did everyone and their mom with a s/s use a fuckin’ 1 tap rotation off-hand weapon? smh… without proper Diminishing returns to CC- they go an nerf shit uncalled for… they could have also actually just balanced the BB’s cheesiness… but y’know…

I’m getting PTR now and testing it. just to see what they did to gimp it. ie removing the stagger effect on it? or make an internal cooldown before you can do another ability after the leap? stuff like that.

when i did my rapier healer build even before the patch where they nerfed bb into the ground i could escape it, they always love to punish the wrong weapon. All they had to do was add a sound to leap to give some chance to dodge it and peeps would’a been happy.

it feels like the stagger is just gone from the leap which makes so people can instantly dodge away. Which takes the tanks most vital chase move away.

or maybe a 0.30 second delay after using the ability (where the sound could play- like a “HIP” sound lol ) smh…

all it ever needed was a sound so people could have a chance to dodge it, sad they went this route. Like your suggestion of the timing everything woulda been great hopefully they rethink a lot of this patch. Although the salvaging is awesome that parts cool you get stuff worth while from salvaging stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

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S/S kinda is the reason S&S/BB worked so well and now with S&S/Hatchet. Leaping strike is a incredible broken spell which is incredibly easy to land and set up the CC chain/one shot combo. Without leaping strike these combos would be a hundred times harder to set up.

oh like GW? or Ice shower? or the banshee scream? you see the trend right? lolol they can’t fix the 1 tap weapons, and had to nerf the abilities of s/s? XD tf outta here…

I fail to see your point. Both Gravity well and Ice Shower has been nerfed heavily.

What did they nerf on s&s? I didn’t see anything in the notes…

That was the point… now it’s s/s turn… for no reason… cause uhh I just tested it and sure enough you can’t shield bash after a leaping strike… BUT, you know what you can still do? XD leaping strike vault kick in the same threshold of the leaping strikes stagger timer XD it’s like the devs don’t understand the very game they made XD

For no reason? I just mentioned the very reason, Leaping strike has been a complaint for months.

If they don’t push split stat live I hope they nerf single stat builds instead.

both those moves do like 5 different things, from a tanks point of view there nerfing there skill that dose 2 things. I play all the weapons so i understand why this one shouldn’t be nerfed as its pretty weak but should have a sound added so it could be dodged.

Its nothing in the patch notes, but trying to do Leaping strike-shieldbash on PTR is nearly impossible. I have no idea if its my EU ping or if its because they nerfed the stagger tho.

Wtf are you on about? They have already nerfed the BB…

That would be a shame. I like s&s. (I don’t use it because combos aren’t fun, but right now it’s the only purpose of s&s and now it won’t have any purpose except boring PvE)

In the dev video he didn’t explicitly say that splits stat gear with Con was excluded. He just said that they were increasing the amount of ability points 2 stat combinations get then listed the attributes and said “excluding constitution”. The patch notes also just said they made a change where the primary stats scale higher on dual stat gear.

I haven’t been able to properly test this on PTR yet, but I imagined the change would mean that Con itself will not get additional points, but other attributes would if they are the Primary stats on dual stat gear at 625.

I don’t think it’s a bug if Foc/con is rolling higher Foc, but the devs should’ve just come out with a post showing the exact values instead of saying stuff like “it’s an extra 50 points. Test it and tell us what you think”.

While Im having fun as an assassin with S&S atm, its a incredibly cheesy ability and deserves some tuning.

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then why did leap+bash need nerffed? what other weapons were 1 tapping? XD you don’t get it…
they could have just made the stagger be something you had to spec into if they wanted to change it at all… not by delaying being able to use another ability :expressionless: