For the love of god do not push the split stat gear change

Giving people more options instead of forcing them down a single path to endgame relevance?

Crazy talk.

It’s like you think this is some sort of sandbox game.


Could you please add a system where players can change the attributes of named armour pieces (to fighter, monk etc)?

This would help a lot since the PvP track sets are Con and would leave you at a disadvantage when the dual attribute update drops.

You already have the system in place with the faction conversion seals so please just make them relevant in the endgame.



Loving these changes and can’t wait to see how they impact builds. Personally, I like that the pot gets stirred every few months. Keeps the economy flowing. Now I only wished I hadnt DE’d all the split stat leggo’s before I heard of this change being a possibility.


PVP can’t play, farming can’t play, arena can’t play, all have to play your time gating, take time to level up to 60, then take time to break grind… My God, just shut down the game and make it impossible for everyone to play. It’s fair for everyone

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50 extra attributes is absolutley insane and will make getting BiS gear even more expensive. The game already is basicly pay2win with how nearly every single PvP item has to be bought and prices are getting so ridiculous everyone is buying gold…

Give us faction PvP gear that scale up to 625 and you can make these changes. Without it you are just buffing all the gold buyers even more, while those that refuse to buy gold or farm 24/7 are left in the dust.


There is no legitimate reason to experiment with a change like this when so many other things need actual fixing. Even proposing this change is actually wasted developer and designer and CM time.

Stop trying to retile the kitchen when the house is on fire.


Yeah, without being able to use split stat Timeless Shards, this is going to make crafting mind-numbing.

Current odds of getting BiS (Resil, Shirking Fort + Weapon Perk) with Timeless Shards and locking Resilient is 1/6 for legendary, 1/99 for Shirking Fort and then 6/91 if we assume you want for a specific weapon and all perks are equally valuable. That’s 6/54054 or 1/9009. And really more like 2 or 3 out of 54054 because most weapon perks aren’t useful, especially if there is one you want on your new weapon. Odds are even lower if you prefer a CDR instead of Weapon Perk.

Without being able to lock Resilient (or any other perk, since you can only lock the attributes), those numbers go up by a factor of 100 (since that is how many perks can roll on most armor). So now odds will be 1 in 900,900 to get a potential BiS piece.

And sure, the reduced odds of rolling certain perks will skew the numbers, but we’ll have to actually see how much when the PTR launches.


Thank you for this. I appreciate you.


50 more stats is ridiculous and makes already strong builds (such as muskets, s&s/hatchet, rapier, spear, blunderbuss) even stronger leaving the single stat weapons behind. Please don’t release this as is.


That is way to much. The reason dual stat mods are not used is because very few weapons benefit from them, and the lack timeless shard, so this would just be a buff to a limited handful if weapons.

Imo just remove none con dual stats instead. It was a poor idea to start with and this just creates new problems instead of solving the existing ones.

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Wow game developers try new things AND fix the game? What an idea that they’re doing. Content and meta changes aren’t going to stop. If you still have major issues, maybe you’re the problem. Try getting a better PC or internet. They’ve fixed and improved on a lot and are continuing with every patch. No game developer ever just stops all updates and only focuses on bug fixes.


fr tho, dont push this


To be honest, imho, I’d like to see this implemented, but unfortunately the vast majority seems to dislike it.

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So again most people dont like this changes already yet…but guess what? They will be on live soon i promise.
They act like the game has 100k players and they have nothing to lose and can play around with changes.


MMMMHHH this doesn’t sound to bad. I need to see it in action tho.
Also split stat weapons have always lacked behind primary stat weapons for this reason.


To be fair, they did already said this was a very “experimental change”, the last time they said that was about reducing war rosters to 40v40. Which after feedback, they never did.


There is no space and time for experimental changes. The game and the population is just not healthy enough at all for such things…there is so much other things that are finally waiting to be fixed in the game.

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The biggest problem that I see with the split stats is that builds like musket/rapier (which, together with the bow has been ruining OPRs for everyone else) and VG are gonna get really strong, putting the final nail in GA users for instance. Please, at least consider putting CON mix attributes together in this change and maybe give mix attributes as pvp track rewards so we can re-do our sets a little easier.

Another suggestion that I would make in this case is to hold on to that change until the new weapon, region, and/or max GS comes around since a lot of people will change their builds anyway the transition may be less costly.

Since we talking about gear, pls look at what Guild Wars 2 did with their gear stats and remove luck from the gear and make it account-wide


Wont disagree with you there

Releasing this Patch will kill the game in any way possible.

First of all it will make getting BiS and even purple items insanely hard to get. If u actually want to get good pvp items u have to craft with resilient lowering the odds of getting the right attributes. So on top of getting good 3 perks u also have to be lucky to get the attributes u want, making it extremly expensive to get good items. And because u will have a high demand those items will be even more expensive than BiS items already are.

Second of all it will almost kill all the builds that use single stats like bow, firestaff, Great Axe and hammer. There is no reason to play builds that have 50 attributes less than any other build in the game. Especially when those builds get countered by the builds that get 50 extra stats.

So releasing this patch will just nullify all the hard work people put into getting their gear and will discourage a lot of people as they already spent millions to get their current items.