For the love of god merge us now

We need to merge servers now.

Send out the notices, patch this in already. Servers are dieing. Faction and splitting.
people are abandoning server like rats from a sinking ship.

Help us now


Why don’t you transfer?


Just hit 58 and logged out cause all the things I want to do including main questline require high lvl groups and there fudge all anyone around wanting to do it…guess Im a be stuck at the dynasty run main questline for a awhile…

I think there is over 20k+ players not playing cuz their servers are dead and waiting for merge. I still don’t understand what they are no doing this or not even wrote as a date of merge.


Help is on the way. Mergers are coming. In the meanwhile, savior this moment and farm farm fasaaarm!


I waited for weeks for two friends to join my server, they finally were able to transfer to me. Now my server is dead and I can’t transfer because those same friends have already used their transfer.

So… we’re sitting here… waiting, watching everything around us die and everyone else abandon ship.


Just so frustrating, company trying to see what server is merging with us. Is it worth staying or splitting. Waiting sucks, not knowing what to expect is worse.

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I am sick of farming I took my time instead of rushing like everyone and the result is AGS fudged us over in that all tradeskill not at 200 already will be a huge huge grind PITA to get to 200 now.

Didn’t rush to 60 so now have to twiddle my thumbs and wait to continue main questline cause it forces you into group content but there not enough people to group with so what just farm another 50k motes to try to sell in the Ah to the few people left or lvl up another weapon the slow mo way since they nerfed dead mans cove etc etc

Bah fudge this, logged out and going to read a good book instead, tired of struggling alone in high level areas against mobs high on speed&crack.


Slow down little fella. No need to rush the inevitable

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Ok so why don’t you use your transfer then?

Don’t little fellow me sonny…

I have been playing since day one, do not have a house yet, waiting to reward myself with a T4 in WW yes I gots plenty of gold, and just hit 58 today I am not rushing anything and up to a few days ago my main questline was at the lvl 45 stage till I started doing it again.

I already used my transfer on the day it came out with the rest of my company.

Point is OP is right AGS needs to get its head out of its backside and merge cause this last stinker of a patch killed the server pops.


If they did you would then make another post screaming about all the stuff that the merge broke. They should not do a merge until they know it works.

YES! Please AGS - just give us a clear understanding of what is going on. Create a Pinned Thread. Shed some light on the end of that tunnel. For the love of God.

I created a new character after 320 hours on my main - just because I want to be on a World with people there.

Help me Jeff Bezos!

Edit: Bloodangel and Bodie are clearly trolling. Do not indulge. <3


Not according to the “Community Manager” in a thread yesterday or day before. No merges are planned due to people not using their transfer tokens sufficiently.

There is no answer or clarity, for the obvious reason that there is no merge upcoming. Use your token, or else start fresh.

I elected to delete my 60 with 700 hours on a dead server because I’d used my token to get there before it died. It’s a lot better on a populated server I must say.

In six weeks I’ll be right back where I was, maybe even faster since with all the changes I won’t be wasting any time crafting this go round.

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This has me so pissed @Walsingham . I saw this. This is nothing but an excuse to delay Merges and Free Transfers. If people haven’t transferred yet - they are either waiting on Merges, or DO NOT WANT to transfer.

AGS is just watching 75% or more of their Worlds die to low pop. It’s absolutely mind boggling.

Let me buy one at least! The infrastructure is there. Put it into play.


It’s easier for them to let them all die and shut them down. Easy enough to understand, but a bitter pill for those who didn’t luck out on the server choice lotto.

No I am not in the habit of making lots fo post about OMG this and that is broke but this last patch sucked nuggets.


Is it easier? The merges have to happen either way. They can’t just delete peoples Characters…

At this point - the dying servers DO NOT care about territory - there are no Wars to be had. People aren’t even defending their towns.

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Not what we are talking about on this thread. Go elsewhere.

if they merged worlds ‘now’ like you are asking, it would mean more wars. Right now, wars are a buggy and laggy mess due to void gauntlets, while merges are needed, fixing things before doing them is the best call