For the love of god merge us now

I am not racing to 60, I have been playing since day one min 4 hours a day and just hit 60 yesterday, I am doing the main quest cause I want to and enjoy it.

Let be real a merge would be great for the low population issue however I get how some people are hesitant since they probably would mess it up somehow…

I was transferring myself from Dry Tree to Inferni. 17%!! Make the damn servers merge!

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Still silent on the other end :confused: Where is the roadmap? This can’t be something with no Timeline goal? Dev’s ever chime in?

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Status World World Set Region Online Players In Queue Queue Time
Online Britannula Arkadia Alto US East 182 / 2000 0 50s
Online Caeno Arkadia Alto US East 148 / 2000 0 1m 13s
Online Deipnias Arkadia Alto US East 214 / 2000 0 1m 39s
Online Cenculiana Arkadia Alto US East 99 / 2000 0 1m 5s
Online Boosaule Arkadia Alto US East 101 / 2000 0 43s
Online Ceryneia Arkadia Alto US East 76 / 2000 0 32s
Online Bouneima Arkadia Alto US East 347 / 2000 0 10s

I am on Britannula, its so dead. The rest of the world set dead also. We need help or back to old games.

Nah my servers pretty full lmao

I’m on Caeno - LORD HELP US!

AGS’ handling of this is a shit show. I started a new character after 300 Hours on my main, and 200 Armoring grind.

It’s not fun to play alone.

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You are like little babby. Watch this.




New World Update 1.1.1 - News | New World


  • Technical groundwork for server merges
  • War performance enhancements

Well guess I should jump up and down now, what only few weeks to go now LOL

I know, that made me laugh.
It made me laugh because my server got merged in closed beta.

Not only is the “technical groundwork” already in place, but the whole fucking system is in place, working, and ready to go as of 4 months ago.


This is pathetic. I will be starting a new guy on Valhalla till they figure there stuff out.

Now it’s impossible.

it had

They’re probably just stalling so they can cash in on winter store items before mergers cause a new round of month long critical bug roulette.

Tell us stories. Do you see people in the wild? What sound does it make when OPR pops? What’s a T4 station look like?


Looks like there testing merging on EU guys.

[Notice] Server Merge Mardi and Brittia - Central EU - Official News / Official News - New World Forums

lets see how this turns out and hopefully US EAST is next :wink:

Yep, some discussion about it here

Server Merges Went Well (So Far) - New World - YouTube

So far so good, cant wait for US-East lets GO!!!

Why don’t you just transfer… That doesn’t solve the issue .

Servers need merged 3 months ago

LuxendraCommunity Manager



Greetings Adventurers,

We will be merging some of the worlds in the world sets: Arkadia Coral and Arkadia Alto in US-East on Today 6:30 PM in your local timezone.

Due to the server merge, we will be taking a one hour (~60 minute) downtime for only the worlds noted below on December 14, 2021 7:45 PM in your local timezone to support this.

Please see below for your server merge partner:

Note: If your world is not on the list, you are not scheduled for a server merge at this time.

  • Boosaule, Britannula, Caeno, Cenculiana, Ceryneia and Deipnias will be merging into Bouneima for Arkadia Alto.
  • Eupana, Galunlati, Harpagion, Hippocrene, Houssa and Huokang will be merging into Trapalanda for Arkadia Coral.

Once in game messaging is posted, players in these worlds will not be able to transfer servers. They will see a banner at the bottom of their screen reminding them of this merge when they enter the game.

They finally listened, I cant wait :slight_smile:

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