For the love of god merge us now

Since this is your first post, I’d like to welcome you to the community.

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Right? Sounds like a good idea.

Well, my server is not THAT dead with ~120 people online. And I heard from other people in dead servers on a previous Post that other people are making use of low pop, especially with the new luck bonus to pvp flag.

As for Selling Transfer Tokens in the Cash shop. I agree. I think they should and it should have a cooldown too. However, they already promised there won’t be service monetization until next year. Or something like that.

They should give a second token soon then merge.

idk man. server merge are not even written on the stone. since they are handing them out like a coupon why not sell them for us that really need them. I was from low pop server then transfer to medium pop and now this server is dying. I rather que for 1-2hrs and play with high pop server.

every time they “fix” something, another thing breaks. At this pace there will never be merges.

Where did they say that? I can’t find any community manager mentioned mergers. Where did you see this?

I’m thinking about this dev post from 8d ago:

Server Merges

Server merges are on the horizon.
[Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2

It was in one of the many merge threads in the past 48 hours. Sorry you can’t find it. /shrug

Guess things may have changed in the past 8 days, or maybe the “Community Manager” got it wrong.

Can you find it? I mean it’s your claim. If it is a dev post I should be able to find it New world development team - New World Forums

In case we get merged and I don’t like new server, for me.

Find it yourself, I don’t give a crap if you believe me or not. Now excuse me while I put you back on ignore. Nice name change.

For those who also want to put Bodie back on ignore, just click on your icon in the upper right, then Preferences → Preferences → Users → Add

->ask for merge cause dead servers
->people immediately try to blame OP

Some people really deserve the wonderful state the game is right now.

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You made this claim:

So I am looking here: New world development team - New World Forums
And I can not find any such post.

So I am asking you. Do you know where the post is that you claimed that you saw? Do you have any keywords I can search on?

I have never said or implied that I don’t believe you. I have said that I can not find it. Can you help me find the post you claim exist?

I donno what you mean about name change. You can’t change name on this forum. I don’t really understand why you are so hostile. I am asking simple and reasonable questions. You made a specific claim about a specific post on a forum we can search. Shouldn’t be hard to find.

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I’m doing the exact same thing.
But I’m enjoying to level the trading skills which probably will not be finished before a merge.

Maybe they solution is keep spamming mails to support ? What cant do anything more

I also have a dead server with only 37 people on today, the weekend…

Because of this, flagging while farming was an amazing thing to do as there was no one to grief me whilst gathering…

Now that is a win-win…

I posted in ‘Game Support’ a few hours ago about needing server merges, I received this reply from a Customer Service Person…

Low population servers need merging.

Hello @Lady-Hexx
Thank you so much for sharing this idea, we will surely take the feedback into consideration but keep in mind there is no expected time for any of these changes to be made.
A healthy server population is key for the game and I totally agree with that but we have to be patient for the solution to be implemented.

They know about the issue and are taking what people say into consideration.
What they do about it, I don’t know.

I really don’t want to start another character, I am tired of doing that… I just want to play my toon on a server that isn’t dying.

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That is corporate-speak for “piss off.”

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on merges.

Well… if that is what they are saying, then I and many others will just go on our merry way to somewhere else where we are appreciated as a valued customer.

Which THEY need to remember, we are customers, and we will take our money elsewhere.

(Before you say, they already have your money. True, and untrue… All the money that would be spent in the store and any future expansions would be lost to them.)

Besides… they will HAVE to do server merges.


Because in my region, Australia, most of the servers have painfully low populations, the servers are dead…

This was my server today, on the weekend…
As you can see, all of the World Set is the same, very low population. They would be crazy to leave things like this… And I do not think they are crazy.

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They testet merging the 15. Ppl are reporting back how it went. Its coming and its close. Farm!