For the love of god merge us now

I did farm… flagged…
No one on the server, no harm done to me as I farmed… lol

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Think as if you are playing new World in a apocalyptic theme. Use it while it last and hopefully they begin the merge any day now! :slight_smile:

I hope they do it soon…
They tested it in the PTR and it was successful.

So fingers crossed…

I’m having the same issue

I’m trying to do the 580 weapon quests, but they all require AT LEAST a 5 man group, if not a mini-zerg for several parts, and nobody is responding to my open LFG requests.

Since the last patch, people are just not doing anything.

My company of 90 members only have 10 to 15 members online at peak times now.

They should have designed this game to be cross-server friendly, with auto population merging and sharding as needed.


They tested a merge on a PTR and as always the amount of bugs were incredible.

Ok that’s weird but that’s customer support answering a question where they don’t have any answer.

But AGS have indeed confirmed that mergers are coming. We don’t have a date but they have confirmed they will do it.

Server Merges

Server merges are on the horizon. But what does this actually mean? There are a few action items that need to be addressed before we are confident that merging worlds will be a net positive experience for our players.

We need to test our technology. We had tested world merges in Closed Beta which caused a persistence issue that has since been resolved, and we continue to test merges with our team and non-public worlds. Since Beta, we have addressed issues as they arise, and have added quality of life changes like a countdown timer for worlds set to merge. The Public Test Realm (PTR) provides us with our next opportunity, tentatively scheduled for Monday morning (PST), to further test this technology before using it in the live game.

When we are ready to take this technology to your worlds, there are a few things we look at in order to determine if the world is a candidate for merge, including but not limited to population size and overall engagement.

Tactically, worlds are merged within a world-set. This allows us to streamline the merge process by removing the requirement to check for multiple characters per player (this is why only one character is allowed per world set), as well as checking language recommendations (recommendations are made at the set level).

But there is more nuance to these merges. Once we’ve identified a world as a candidate for merge, we compare it to the existing worlds by reviewing elements like faction representation and overall population in the set to find the most optimal partner world. While we cannot guarantee exact matches, we make every attempt to choose worlds for merge that are complementary.

Players on worlds identified for merge will be informed in advance of the plan. Players with characters on a merge candidate world will not lose their progress (including gold, items, faction, and company); however, territories will belong to the companies on the partner world. For example, if World X is confirmed as a merge candidate, and World Y is identified as the partner world:

  • Players on World Y are not impacted, other than an influx of players on the world. World Y territory ownership persists after the merge. Companies are compensated 50K Coin, which is 3.3x the cost of war, for loss of territory ownership due to a world merge.
  • World X characters are relocated to World Y - characters, companies, housing, gold, and owned items remain intact, but territory ownership will not persist on the new world.

At this time we are not offering transfers to players after a world has been merged. This position may change as we learn more.

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i don’t want to be mix with anyone, as an lgbt i chose my server base on that and i hope amazon don’t mix server like that

these numbers are so fcking sad for a sunday morning. i cried and farted at the same time.


they cant cant things right anywhere, and you expect a merge?

Reading the posts in the PTR section on server merges, I did not see many people reporting many issues.
Read them for yourselves…

Hopefully, this means that server merges will be soon.

Having the same problem with my server. There are not many players. They’re reducing day by day.

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I believe they are in denial they I suspect they thought that last patch would bring people back LOL . and those of you saying “just transfer” umm transfer where? until there make the mergers transfers are pointless

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I love how some blame the players for their tokenuse. As if they would know the server gonna die within 3-4weeks lol

If you think it’s bad for us who nolifed it

My mates joined a bit later and deinstalled the game at 30-45lvl, on my server it looked as if they logged into a 15 year old asia mmo just npc’s
We all expected merges a long time ago

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@TrevzorFTW - any dedicated communication on World Merges? People are begging out here.


Yes we need updates on this. It is not just servers with under 300 where people don’t want to log in its the same on every server under 1200.

As I said I think there is a lot of players I think over 25k+ who dont log in cuz their servers are dead and they will comeback after merge. If they have problem with merge they could just add again server transfer and remove empty servers.

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I am on Britannula, there are 175 people on right now as of me writing this. We peak just under 300 at prime time. My server is dead. The population is like 90% purple its brutal there. We need updates now

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I would even be happy to pay for 2nd token before merges

The company I am in is actually 6 companies big and were are having to consolidate the active players into one company cause 90% are taking a break from the game…they got tired of the bugs etc

So transfer, that is what I did and am very happy