For the love of god merge us now

They’ll force them to transfer most likely. I suspect they want people to transfer to the populated servers rather than do a merge. Merge is bad publicity.

Seems like reading comprehension isn’t your forte boy. Be a good little boy and move along now.

Then let me buy one. I’d even be happy with that. lol. Money or PR isn’t my main concern. I just want to be on a populated world.

Put the Transfers in the shop. Let me buy one for me and all my friends so we can enjoy the game again.

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let us buy server transfer. The server i transfer to is dying. If I want to play Outpost Rush I have to wait evening to even play few games. its win win, you get money and we are happy.

Momma says I read real good

You are lucky to get any OPR games. I’ve never played one. 300+ hours

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Be careful what you wish for. If they have this many bugs each patch there going to end up merging everyone’s accounts into others. Don’t rush them on that as well ha

The game is a ghost town because they nerfed too much. They need to merge now and reverse a lot of the nerfs.


you completed all content? All crafting etc? Dead servers are the best for crafting.

So sick of this suggestion. I don’t care to craft or farm mats all day in a population desert. I just want to PvP and do OPR.


I am crafting and it sucks so bad. My playtime has gone down to a tenth of what it was before the patch. I’m not enjoying this patch at all.

Well, bruh, you guys are the ones that wasted your transfer token. Don’t get mad at me.

My buddies waited until our server lost tons of people to transfer to the high pop server. I stayed behind to complete craftings at my pace.

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no since you need high tier stations. its good for leveling gathering professions. Cant do end game content with lack of players.

dead server doesn’t mean there are no T5 crafting stations. I mean, it can happen, but come on…

I know it sucks. But, on the plus side, at least there’s no subscription fee to worry about, and I really wouldn’t want them to rush a patch like this. But, I get where you’re coming from. It’s sort of like a Sophie’s Choice at this point because you really really really don’t want anything to break by rushing something like a server merge, but you also hate to see the game continue to depopulate. I honestly don’t know what the solution is, but I’m gonna have to give them slack on this one.

Edited: NVM, I just read the part about not merging until the transfer tokens are used up. lol. I take back what I said.

To what end? This is the most desperate sort of White Knighting conceivable. You can craft all day on those T1 crafting stations…

Invasions mean every crafting station becomes T1 on a dead server.


They said they were gonna give a second transfer token. Not sure if it;s gonna be after the merge. I think it should be BEFORE the merge cuz there will be a TON of angry people. I’ve seen this several times in other games. (And is the merge happening after the first tokens are used up?)

Also, I fear the server Merge quite a bit. I mean, what won’t they break? I’m expecting entire accounts to be deleted. Items lost. Duplicated items. etc. It’s gonna be a mess.

And yes, I said before they rushed this patch cuz of the crafting nerf, and then they literally admitted that they rushed this patch lol. Tho they probably had a deadline to meet, it still feels too soon.

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They said there’s no merges due to insufficient people using their transfer tokens. Reckon they’ll hand out more if nobody using their first ones is a problem to them?

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they should offer another round of free transfers now till the server merges are complete and i mean RIGHT NOW. so many servers are crippled and many players left with a max pop of 150 players

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Yeah, I dunno. I was actually trying to call out a potentially good thing they were doing by waiting until they were sure it worked. But, then I read the part about the tokens, and was like…sigh I don’t even know anymore. I tried. I really, really did. lol