For the Sound Team: Kudos & a minor request

Sound in the game is top notch. Great work fellas!

My minor request:

I have fired black powder muskets and early cartridge loading smoothbores (circa 1890s!) and I must say you guys ALMOST got the musket sounds ‘right’.

The musket sound you have now sounds more like how you hear it when you’re the one firing it or you are right next to it being fired. Which ok in a way but it does not match the sound it actually makes if a 3rd person standing a few meters away … which is basically everyone else and your camera-view self.

So, the problem is, if I hear a musket fired at long distance in the game, it sounds like an IRL musket fired next to your face. That is…wrong.

BUT! … you guys DO have already a sound effect that PERFECTLY matches the musket sound as it should be to match IRL.

See, if you go and use a mining pick on a rock that’s by a cliff it will make a metal-on-rock ‘clap’ sound with an echo at a distance repeating itself effect.

That metallic clap + echo sound, if attached to the end of the musket shot’s sound, would perfectly match an IRL musket heard being fired from a few meters away.

In this video link, the very first mining pick sound is ‘flat’ … the 2nd and 3rd have the echo I speak of.

Just attach the echo sound bit to the end of the current musket shot and it will sound identical to the early 1890’s black powder cartridges and muskets.

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