For those posting stats Just know

Keep in mind bots heavily increase this number if you want to admit it or not.


Everyone that plays and harvests should know this very well lol.

We all know and can’t wait till they act upon bot it’s a plague.

I would just take 20% ish of the numbers off as botters. Mind you it’s not just harvesting bots, still got gold botters via newer areas and the reputation farmers.

I swear if anyone buys reputation farming bots then i just know lol… they charge an insane amount for pvp quest bots.

20% is way too much; it’s mostly more into 1-2% that still 20 bots per server.

Legit players increased it, if you want to admit it or not

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There are more than 20 bots on my server. I can find 20 bots on one fishing dock.


Gold farmers FTW!!

Some server may have more especially high pop, on my low pop servers there 3-4 max

The game isn’t dead, whether you admit it or not.

If it keeps trending the way it’s going it will be. Whether you want to admit that or not.

I’d like that to not happen but Ive been through all the MMO failures and watched it happen many times. I’ve watched fans on forums dismiss things many times. New World isn’t there yet but I think this might be the fastest I have seen one go that way.

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It could go that way, yeah.

no lol

Maybe the bots are a sign of a healthy game? Why would they bother if there were not players to sell gold to? Seeing twenty bots on one dock should be comforting.

I do hope they all get nuked (in game) though.

I mean, theyre not just gonna discontinue bots even if they can’t sell it. They’re pretty much farming for free and some mass buyer will take it eventually and hope orders get filled.

Specifically the larger servers still have sales, atleast i was told. Rest are just dead

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