For those that have reached m7+, what perks do you have on your armor?

Trying to determine what kind of armor I should be keeping an eye out for that is worth using shards on. I don’t know if it’s ancient bane, resilient, or just weapon perks. Is it the gem that makes it happen?

The biggest factor is gear score. Everything else follows up.


GS matters the most, perks are secondaries :slight_smile:


I have garbage perks

Reached m7 with all gold

And its sad.


Refreshing ward perhaps for tanks? Actually does a block with a shield count for refreshing ward hits?

Refreshing toast, purifying toast or whatever theyre called for potion cleanse and quicker cooldown for potions.

Resilient? Do mobs or bosses even crit?

No one knows if bosses and mobs can crit. I opened a thread on that matter and no one could confirm if they crit or not.

I’ve tried it with multiple mobs around the world and nope, i was getting hit for the same amount everytime no matter what part of body was hit.

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Cleared up to M9, haven’t tried the 9’yet.

I have resilient on every piece light with medium chest and a full resil heavy set. The general perks, do not matter outside of weapon perks for damage. The GS scaling is so insane you could have bought a full set of blue 600 gear upped it to 617 fast then earned shards by the bucket. I love the content idea it’s a good progression forward for the game but it’s implementation has some flaws that can be addressed. I can only imagine the mutators scale to GS due not wanting folks to just simply do more and more damage at each GS and create a massive power difference and PvP between 600-625. So the artificial power created by scaling in mutators is likely created to prevent that from happening on the level of what it’s like to come back mid arena season in wow and everyone has 25% more hp and damage because they are in high mythic plus gear / or elite gear sets walking over you pveing you down.

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Missed the first 2 days of patch, now there are no more orbs and m7s ate 70k in my server. Welcome to my Ted talk

If it’s anything like ESO, Crit is a pvp thing. It would be nice to get a concrete answer.

Resilient is useless in PvE, Mobs and Bosses can’t crit. I can’t link the post because I’m to stupid for that, but search for the Thread “does resilient work in dungeons” there is a post from a CM

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Everyone is just using voidbent for the 600 gs and upgrading it as they go, since all the ancient ward armor with weapon perks that are 595-599 are useless since it takes a million shards just to get them to 600, whereas It takes a fraction of the shards to go from 600 to 605. It’s absurd design and makes any gear under 600 useless. I’m only using my ancient ward armor for vanilla runs, since using it for muts will handicap me by 20% or more. Gearscore really is the only thing that matters for muts, we all wasted our time, mats, and gold crafting ancient/angry earth ward stuff.

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M7 gold flawless 32 min with voidbent full amethyst and spear wh

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The less than 600 is only useless for the people who want to hit m10 in a single week. Long term getting your 599 stuff up to 600 by doing m1 to 3 seems reasonable, then you are ready to take on next week and get higher.

It’s inefficient and I get why people hate it. Just another time gate.

I think the decision to make upping 590-600 gear basically for people who already get high in mutations to be weird.

but they aren’t useless. They benefit all PVE, and benefit mutations as well. And they will be of continued benefit in the future.

I don’t really think there is much benefit to adding more statistic based difficulty to mutations than already exists. If groups really needed 625 gs AND bis perks to do the content, it would be for no players, and not really add much actual challenge.

@viiKiingo We understand that no one could confirm this for you. We will pass this on to the team and try to get some feedback on this for you. Please note if I am updated with this. I will make sure to provide it here.

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Golded up to 10 but haven’t tried the 10 yet. All that matters is GS. Even 1 point makes a noticeable difference. Ancient ward could help but isn’t necessary. Prioritize maximizing GS above all else.

Lets say you rolled an awesome ring, but only 595.

35+50+65+90+125 = 365 Umbral.

Lets say instead that ring rolled 600, and the last perk is garbage and didn’t matter anyway. Or it was a dropped 600GS Epic ring. You could raise that ring to 614GS with the same amount of Umbral.

That is a huge loss in Umbral touching anything below 600 considering the lack of perk and only +1 stat.

It’s a really weird system when a 599 is 125 Umbral and a 601 is 1 Umbral.

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Resilient does basically nothing. Ancient bane is ok, but I don’t recommend building up more than 1 piece with it, because next week it will be obsolete, and you need gear for the next. Raw gearscore matters more than specific perks, so just get your legendaries aren start pumping them.

@WandererOceana @viiKiingo We know it took a while for us to get the answer to the questions asked. We can confirm that bosses and mobs do not crit.