For those who have stopped playing

Just a little question.

If you have stopped playing New World (whether it’s a temporary break or a more permanent decision), what would entice you back to NW?

I think the first response, from some, would be the firing of the project lead and a replacement of most of the Amazon Games leadership team.

The game has failed massively due to people in positions, who shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

I’m not playing as much as I used too, but I’m playing other things now to avoid a massive burnout of disappointing patch after disappointing patch and broken promises.

I’m just glad Lost Ark wasn’t developed by Amazon and is only being published in the west part of the world by them.


Too much to name. I paid for 2 housing DLCs to boot, so I have more than 100 invested, which I call forum tax :slight_smile: I figured I paid that to use the forum as the game is dismal.

Where to start.

Housing= taxation, generic lay-out point system that is far too easy to game. The FACT you can buy housing premiums and not use them (bait and switch IMO)

Bots= Too little done, minimal hands on. The system is set up for automation and “Get to it someday”. Automation is abused by the shit heels to 24 hour ban a random person, for whatever reason, and the “get to it someday” team is simply not concerned about the economy, WHILE AGS declares “The economy is where we expect it to be, more going out than in” which horseshit as it is skewed by people who move items from town to town via “TP storage” and other activities.

Economy=(Cont) The fixes being applied to prevent dead towns simply will not matter. The team is made up of either ignorant gamers, people who are not gamers, or people like…The Butlers from SOE in the 90s and early 2ks. “The player wants what I give him, even if he doesn’t know it’s what he wants” (Worse community focused team ma=embers in gaming and they KEPT getting hired when they would shift companies, AND THEN go back to the previous :slight_smile:

Chat= The entire chat system is some throwback , slap shot. I have to enable XXX in my feed, and sometimes 1 or 2 will show, and other times none, and sometimes only 1 from channel A every few minutes, then a random from channel B…And if I want to communicate I have to toggle between windows, or try to get the slash commands to work

General is unpoliced, period. I don;t care what server people are on, the bile, bigotry, racism, sexualization of rape, references to lynch mobs…I mean…someone is going to end up sued because the filter catches twat,fuck,ass…but not struggle snuggle with I ride the poop shoot. Someone actually posted that as a “humorous” take on anal rape.

So yah, chat would have to die or global and recruit would. A more stringent code applied to those who “sneak” under the wire with shit like I posted above.

Oh, hell, why not just say an actual team that is compromised of more than 1 moderator per 20 servers. It’s like people who think they are wronged when their house is broken in to and the police are unable to do anything. When you line your pockets, funnel funds to where you want, rather than where needed, you get that.

Honestly, nothing. The more I consider the issues and what has to happen, the more realistic it is that this will be a 30-40k player base game, filled with the channel muters and people who think Outpost rush is l33t wicked cool. Siad it in another thread. It’s only a matter of time till someone shoots out the code and someone builds a core. Then ill find me a server that suits my needs OR find another game next year :wink:

the Hunter"Call of the wild and Valheim for me for now and my forum chit chatting.


building!!! But I did not quit, just playing less often than before until game is stable.

I’m just a forum sleuth now. I get more enjoyment reading the comments than actually playing the game. But for me, it was the taxes, limited storage and AH. I don’t mind the running, I actually like not having mounts. But, I don’t want to play a game that forces me to play just to pay taxes to make another player rich. I just want to chill in-game gathering, crafting, playing the auction and soak in the amazing graphics. However, knowing my taxes are going to another player making them rich really twists my tighty-whities.


I would like both of my Dynasty Orbs back considering I had issues with game crashes on the last boss twice, once with other members of the group and once with myself personally. I would also like some of the thousands of gold we all wasted on repairs the first go around just trying to make sure we didn’t waste an orb. (We killed her and I still didn’t get credit) I now have no orbs and just under 100 gold :smiley:

Yes, storage, taxes, trading post (but the upcoming change sounds promising) house decorating issues, tedious running, and a few other things contributed to my break, but I’m sure these things will be gradually tweaked and improved over time.

Yup, I haven’t given up hope on this game, I’ll continue to watch the forums and patch notes, it’s just not worth playing in it’s current state for me.

For me, most of it would have to be redone. I’ll probably linger in the forums for a week to see if anything changes and then I’ll fuck off.

Pvp balance, faction balance, armor perks, gems are all fucked up and until fixed there will never be proper balance, if it’s even possible. Outpost rush and wars are just AOE and CC spam. Fun? Fuck no.

Whoever thought up watermark farming should never work in games again. That shit has got to be the most boring time I’ve spent in a game in the last 5 years, no cap. I refuse to return and do this bullshit.

Crafting is fucking pointless as a job and so the only thing valuable is resources. Loot feels generic and I have yet to get a legendary and if I do it has the same god damn perks as some other junk pieces. The whole game is a test to see when you realize it all fucking sucks.


Making housing tax system fairer (such as taxed for time online rather than calendar days).

I only play weekends and when I log in I’m immediately faced with the “Pay your housing tax” message meaning I have to spend more of my dwindling gold reserves, or spend ages withdrawing loads of mats from storage and moving them elsewhere.

Often I can’t be bothered and just play a different game instead.

Burn it all down, starting with a new developer and publisher.

I am a former Albion Online player.

I assume I gave enough information.

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(1) Banning all the cheaters and exploiters – they haven’t done a great job of that
(2) Better handling of cheats and exploits
(3) Solo-friendly questing and soloable Expeditions – so much is apparently not playtested properly
(4) Removal of all player influence over Settlements – creates too many issues

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I haven’t stopped yet . I am nearing that . This game is fundamentally poorly thought out in terms of disrespecting a players game time.
Running from point a to z because azoth costs when loaded with t5 bags in territory you dont own is meh (burn anywhere from 400-700 azoth a pop ) don’t have it run .
Outpost rush azoth farming and gold is meh since the meta is heavy armor gaxe /hammer melee festing . Firemage is soooo broken op that is pointless to ever run light armor . The imbalances are frustrating .

Watermark grinding . In a low pop server like MU this is a chore finding elite farming groups or queueing for outpost rush for 4-5 hrs with bupkus .

My storages have junk i cant sell / cant process yet because of the grindy lifeskill levels so stalemate.I dont feel like tossing stuff away . Does not sit right with negating my farm effort

lastly never bought a house because of the horror stories . 300 hrs in still wont buy one . Gold is a huuuuge problem when you have to spend 50 bux on repairs a pop because soloing elite areas is testy or low watermark farming equally testy with groups that are all low watermark starter farmers .

#strugglelife. More chore not fun .

lastly pathetic attempt at making mobs .Same mobs level 1-20 in endgame reskinned more hp. A pig chasing you in level 1 is same piggy endgame with more hp / reskin with more aggro …

I do not appreciate a level 6 wolf chasing me at level 60 even though i can one shot it .


This game is copy and paste, release without swimming, no mounts (not because they dont wanted, because they couldn’t!), small map, all mobs are the same, few skills.

It just need another 3 years of development.
This is a joke of a technical alpha.

They know this.


I played alot and after the first honeymoon hours it was straight a mix of love and hate at the same time.

The way to max level was not fun at all.
At max Level PvE never felt so unrewarding in any MMORPG (playing since 2004 MMORPGs). The hole watermark system is not my playstyle nor is it any good - and I don’t know if anybody like this stupid grind at fast spawning bosses and chests for days/ weeks/ month (depends on your playtime).
Meanwhile you get cheap and some good gear in the AH which makes the watermark even more unenjoyable to me. And because dungeon loot is linked to that stupid idea…i don’t run them.
A random wolf drops the same stuff than the hardest enemies in game.

Loot quality:
We saw this mess of random generated loot, mostly with stats that don’t make any sense at all (hybrid builds are simply not viable), in The Division, Diablo and other games. And they worked hard to get this fixed and not punish their players.
Even most legendary items, some with fix stats, seems to be random generated. Just the orange colour is not enough. Pure quantity, no quality.

Transmog/ glamour, Pets…Fluff:
This is something I need in an MMORPG 2021. I like to farm skins and design my character not by using the shop.

The game to me is more repetetive, soulless/ sterile and grindy than people like to hate about asien MMORPGs. New World wants to be a BDO light without the depth. With a try to not use classes. In reality the only viable builds are like the classes we all know from other games. But also with way less depth.

Neither PvP nor PvE is really that good to compete with other games on the market. And they compete in their actuall version and not like “New World vs. Everquest 2005” or something stupid.

I will login from time to time. Maybe. I love the sound and music, the art style and graphics. But thats not enough for me at this time. I had some kind of fun and thats good. Thats what games are about. But the game and its state (technically, balancing- and contentwise) is not any fun to me.
To be honest I feel sorry for the devs and all the people who worked hard. There seem to be people in higher positions who don’t know the genre, maybe games at all. In this state it doesn’t feel like a passionate project.


I think I am stopping after today for the most part but my main gripes:

  1. Hyper Respawns in some questing zones makes it awful to try and loot required chests.

  2. Constantly bugging out of spells for mage type characters.

  3. Travel times/Azoth cost, contrary to popular belief I think running every where doesnt make the game better.

  4. Crafting requiring copious amounts of base tier resources (i.e. Iron, Green Wood, Rawhide, Fibers, etc.) to level up, while also requiring an exponential increase in things like Sandpaper, Tannin, etc. that you don’t realize at all until 70s+.

I also dislike the fact I am paying taxes on a house (I know… IRL you pay taxes on everything) but thats way down the list for me. Maybe make the taxes be based on your in game play time and not realm time, that would seem a lot more fair for everyone involved.

Game needs MAJOR updates and sadly I think I am returning to WoW over this. I know the game is very new but there is a lot wrong for me that I can just go to tried and true Runescape (even as a non-member) and have a better experience. I really hope it gets better but I am not expecting much for at least another few months.

I would like to see more lvl 60 content. Grinding gears core is pathetically boring and slow. Plus this is the type of stuff you wish you could just do on your own while watching Netflix but everyplace needs like 4 people or you just get clapped solo at least.

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I doubt they will add content until, all the bugs are fixed.

There just gonna lose the people that played their game the hardest lots of lvl 60’s getting bored