For us that did the Christmas event last year

Did us finishing this event carry over from last year? So, my memory is sometimes wonky…but as far i as i can recall, we had the option of a short questline of eliminating various yetis around the island. You got this quest from the npc in front of the tree.

This year, i log in, npc is there, but no quest marker. Someone in chat said go to the village. Okay i get a quest from there that auto completes. ( now i got lucky when i logged in and was able to join a winter monster spawn)

So did i miss something? So im guessing it carried over from last year? I also noticed that some of the loot from the event vendor is still dated 2021. It appears that everything was just copy/pasted back into the game from last year. /shrug

Yes some of it is from last year. But i dont know why this is surprising, other games quite literally copy paste christmas events every year with 0 changes. New world at least added lots of new cosmetics, emotes, patterns, a world boss and new decorations


Well, i understand that games in general copy /paste their events over. But usually youre able to do the quest again though. For me, its like the quest completion ( for my character ) also carried over.

Thats the only surprising part.

I’m not sure about the quest thing because it lets me do it again. You might be bugged

Hmmm, i thought about that as well. I relogged and all but could never get a quest to pop up.

I mean, im not complaining…its not a deal breaker for me as it gave me time to do other things. It was just something that i noticed instantly.

Im just wondering if doing the world boss at login bugged me out or what. I literally logged in at ebonscale and got caught up in a zerg headed towards him just a short hop to the south of the city. I guess ill try to validate files or something. Either way, the rest of the event is working, im earning tokens, i can buy items, and watch and mine those glorious meteors at night. :slight_smile:

I also did the world boss first thing after logging in. I killed the boss like 5 times before even getting the first quest. Wait for this week’s bug fix patch, maybe it will fix it?

Same here no quests only this one for world boss. But I have reputation maxed.

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On my main, reputation was maxed, but I did get a full quest chain or what I think was a full quest chain. It’s pretty short - 1 - talk to a holiday hut, 2 find a lost present, 3, find gleamite, and the 4th one was for the items returned from the winter warrior. The yetis from last year don’t seem to be part of it anymore. I don’t remember how far I got with the quests last year though.

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I didnt get that part either tbh, not sure if its because they deleted it or because i already did it last year

After reading the few threads about this issue, it seems to me that they did change a few things about this event…however they didnt do a reset on completion it seems. Its weird that some folks that did this last year had a quest this year. The rest of us dont have squat.

Participating in the winter warrior kill before or after doesnt seem to have much bearing on that…at least so far. AGS is aware of it now so i guess a fix is on the way.

I think there is no quest to kill the yeti’s this time around but rather kill the world boss instead.

YOU maybe auto completed when you visited the village since you had the quest complete already and had some of his drops?


So why didnt i get the new quests from the npc standing in front of the tree like @kringled mentioned. Something is amiss.

Dunno but I did all the event last year finished the quest line, got all the skins and other stuff and got the quest line this year, to kill the world boss, from the winter village.

Like I said maybe you just autocompleted since you killed the world boss before going to the village?

Hopefully, thats the root of the bug. Lets hope the fix they implement covers this issue.

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