Forced name change, does not work and I can't play. 9 Days, still cant play. Ridiculous

Forced name change, not working. Cant play this is infuriating. Live chat / Sending a ticket is no help. Told to wait for technical support could be longer than 48 hours… How does this game not have GMs or someone who can sort this. Tried changing my name 23 times lmao.

Update: 9 Hours later, still does not work, still can not play. 29 name changes deep. COME ON AMAZON!!!

ps: every name change I do removes it from the game so it is like it counts as a whole new character

Logic error with queries.

Idk what that means but I know its on their end. How a game like this and a company like amazon does not have GMs that can fix small issues like this baffles me. Played MMOs with 1500 player base that manage to employ GMs, crazy.

Not that I’m excusing the behavior (and I do think they should have GMs) but there’s no monthly fee. Many other MMOs do and I think that’s an important difference.

Just amazon not caring about their customers, nothing new. Also, Mortal online 2 has been out for over 6 months with no subs with 1000 concurrent players and they have multiple GMs. Granted subs are planned in future but still point stands.

I personally think this is an overreaction. The CMs and CS people interact with us on a daily basis trying to fix our problems with the game. Again, I agree with you! I feel like if GMs were here and had power to solve our problems, things would be great! But alas.

And I imagine there’s 10 other MMOs that have subscriptions with GMs. Actually hiring an employee is not cheap. Making the tools they use isn’t either.

Mmmm my interaction was them although polite basically ended with, you have to wait 24-48 hours, also tech support is under stress so it can be longer. I cant even play the game, I personally find this ridiculous.

What I was saying is that this company (StarVault) is tiny, the game still has no subs, its nearly been a year since release, small player base, much less funding, yet still has multiple GMs and responses 24/7.

Update 2: Still can’t play, this is tilting. Nice to see the transparency with this company, I bet if I was a streamer with over 100 viewers this wouldn’t be a issue.

Starting to remember why I quit this game in the first place, a lot of bugs and it takes forever for a solution. As a returning player they’re doing a great job at wanting to keep players around.

This is such a small scale issue and it has been over 24 hours at this point. The only response I get is as bot as it can get “this may take a few days while I get a response from the technicians, but as soon as I have an update I will follow up with you”. K thanks! big help.

how nice it must feel playing with 60 ping
i wish i had that luxry too

Don’t worry I cant play lmao. Must be nice to be able to login :joy:. Also, its not stable

But I feel your pain, I have just came back to this from another game where I had 313ms. Game was unplayable without exit lag. I hope you get a server near you at some point, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Thanks for reaching out! I’m moving this to the Support section since Community Managers don’t have the ability to assist with this. The Support team should be able to assist you here.

Can you tell us what was your original name that needed to be change ?

Look at the screenshots in the very first post.

Hello @ODBx ,

Greetings to you and welcome to the forums! :bouquet:

I am sorry for the issue that you are facing with name change. Thank you for raising a ticket about this issue with us, it is the recommended thing to do.

I understand your frustration here , however as the tickets are account specific, we wont be able to discuss it on forums., and hence, I request you to kindly contact the live support at your convenient time, and let our colleagues available there, know about the ticket that has been raised for the issue and ask for an update.

I am positive they will be able to assist you in this regards.

I also request you to keep ready the in game logs if not provided already.

Instructions for finding the in-game logs:

  1. Press Windows+R on the keyboard, type %localappdata% and press enter.

  2. Open the most recent file from this folder: AGS/New World/LogBackups.

  3. Send the logs files that you see in the LogBackups folder.

For screenshots of the issue you can share this forum link.

Please feel free to tag me for any further assistance.

Thank you for your understanding! :sunflower:

@Helianthus Can you message me personally so I can share screenshots regarding my chat with live support that further proves that this is no help whatsoever?

I just get the same responses, there is no eta, sorry for the inconvenience. My name was not rude or discriminatory, and for the record I’m fine with the name change, I actually welcome it but this is ridiculous that I cant change it due to an “internal error”.

Also who do I send these in-game logs to?, as the live support did not ask for them after seeing the post, they merely acknowledged that a ticket has been opened and apologised for the inconvenience.

The name is in the screenshots it was = GeezusChrist

Update 3: 48 hours later. Still cant play the game. Still get the same responses from live chat.

By far the worst support experience I have had in any game. Absolute shit show. Force me to change my name, does not work. And taking over 24 hours and counting for the devs to change it, seriously?

80 Hours later, still no fix, still no ETA. What a actual joke… @Helianthus

Clearly don’t give a fuck. One minute im told to give 5 replacement names and it will sorted within 48 hours. 24 hours later i ask for a update and told the issue needs to be fixed and they forget to manually change my name. When called out on this they play mental gymnastics. I get that there is nothing the customer service agents can do but clearly the technical team does not care in the slightest about the plight of 1 player. Absolute joke. Ruined experience, back to other games.

PS: want to grief a war like you all used to. Report the name lmao. SMH

Cya later for the second time new world. Won’t be returning again.