Forgotten Protector armor drop rate for 600 not working

The Mutation Dungeon Gear is Great “bis” in theroy for mutations but theres a flaw. for some reason the Drop rate is mostly non-exsistant for it to drop at 600 GS w/ the 3rd perk.

i have run over 40 mutations with the goal to get this set of gear due to the look/perks/medium ect… but i have NEVER gotten one of them to drop at 600, not once… i have gotten over 100s of these armor peices as i run but cant wear them without a massive shard payout and missing 3rd perk due to the upgrade system doesnt roll RNG perk, only for static 1 set Perk will it upgrade and apply.

so as all games are risk vs reward… the grind for upgrades… ect… its not very fun to do this and never getting what i want to drop. can you please do some research on this to find out why they dont drop at 600 GS ??

This is a 599, and if i upgraded it to 600 it wouldnt roll Legendary due to a RNG perk bucket list for 3rd perk

List of RNG Perk for Forgotten Protector (pulled from NWDB website)

and my current Expertise levels to prove it should be unlocked to drop at 600

I understand your problem.

We run so much dungeons as 2 Groups a 5 Players together.

The chance from loot 590-600 with 600 Expertise should be 10% for 600+legi.

We got this week a Bonemake hammer, i hope you know what i mean, in legendary :slight_smile:

Buz i think this rate is stupid if you see named items dropps like snow in a nice winter.

This specific Mutation loot is nice to watch but not work in game, if the chabce for legendary is 1% or little bit more, i dont need to see just epic or green items in mutation menü if you dropp one after 120 runs and than it will have skninning luck or something else xD.

Maje dropprate little bitr higher and destroy the chance of skinningluck miningluck etc

the perk list is listed in image above, they are ALL very good perks it can roll with… freedom, vigor, invigorated, refreshing, refreshing evasion…

yeah the drop rate for the dungeon armor is very small, and i have never seen any of the mute armor be lego

Can confirm. At 621 GS and having run dozens of mutations myself, I have seen exactly 0 of the mutation specific items drop at 600. This is only one of a few issues I have with the mutation experience, but this one would at least be remedied without significant overhauls to the system.

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