Formal complaint

I will state here my will to log a formal complaint given no-one seems to be able to supply the internal complaints procedure on support. I feel having my issue ignored for 18 days with very little contact. the contact i have had through support, web tickets, forums and escalations has so far been a waste of time. I have been asked for the .txt files 3 times now and given 3 times over 2 weeks ago, i have had the matter escalated at least 3 times. when i speak to community managers i am told they cannot help, when i speak to customer service i am told they cannot help, both telling me i need to contact support chat. i contact them and i am told they cannot help and they need a dev to respond. i speak to the devs and i am told they cannot help and need to speak to support. every time i speak to support i am told to wait 24 hours. so far i have been told to wait 24 hours 19 times and have been unable to play for almost 3 weeks. The worst thing is that i am no further along than i was when i posted the first ticket on 31st oct. now i do not know what Amazon class as acceptable but this is clearly way beyond that for me as a paying customer who has had no access to the product i bought for about half the time the game has been released. so no more wait yet another 24 hours, this needs fixing now or i would like the internal complaints procedure for a formal complaint to be submitted


New world support is just the general amazon support people. They don’t have the foggiest idea about anything let alone the game. When I got stuck under the map there solution was to turn my PC off and on again then check my router. No joke.

They are the same people that tried to get me to plug in my faulty humidifier after I told them water was leaking out from the power cable seam and water was sloshing around in the base where the electronics where to “troubleshoot” the leak …

Amazon CS litterely wanted me to try and kill my self playing with water and electrics. I would not trust them to fluff a pillow let alone provide CS.

(Yes I used unstuck at the time. No it did not work and put me backwards under the map lol.)

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                                  FORMAL COMPLAINT

Complaints department
Amazon Game Studios


Formal complaint about Amazon Game Studios

To whom it may concern

I am writing to make a formal complaint against Amazon Games Studios. My complaint is that they failed to provide me with a satisfactory service when contacting you regarding my game not functioning and being in a fully playable state.
This issue was reported to you as soon as i noticed on 31st October 2021.
My complaint is that after contacting your support team for the matter to be fixed i was told it would be escalated and to wait 24 hours, However it has now been almost 3 weeks and i have been asked to wait another 24 hours a further 18 times.
During these 3 weeks i have forwarded the requested .txt files 3 times, had it escalated at least 3 times and posted on the forums twice. I have also been informed by the community managers, game developers and customer service through the forums that they are unable to help as i need to contact customer support.
After contacting support i am always told the same thing which is that they also cannot help and that they need to wait for a response from a game developer (the ones that say they cannot help and to contact support). Leading to being asked to wait yet another 24 hours.

This product was sold as a full and finished game not a beta or in any other way incomplete or unfinished.

This product was purchased on the 1st October 2021 and the issues mentioned above occurred on the 31st October 2021.

My complaint is that i do not have access to the full game/functions/modes that i have paid for and after many forms of contact to many different departments this issue has still not been resolved after almost 3 weeks with nothing done other than being told to keep waiting longer with no ETA.

This situation has caused me Stress with the whole situation as well as stress within the home due to the time and headache needed to try and get any kind of progress.

In my view, You should have the relevant team/staff member look into this matter directly and without delay to return my product to the state/condition it was in before the error occurred and as it was described when sold.
I also feel an apology is in order for the lack of communication and support from your end.
I feel given the situation and time involved/missed due to this issue not being rectified in a timely manor and the 3 weeks missed due to it that some small form of compensation should be offered for the stress caused.

I understand that you are required to respond formally to my complaint. I shall follow up this letter if I do not hear back from you by 24th October 2021. In the meantime, if you need any further information from me, please feel free to contact me via the telephone number or email you have on my account.

I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

Yours sincerely


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Good luck :expressionless:

well at least now they HAVE to do something other than dragging it out for another 3 weeks to god knows when

but thank you for your support

To be honest, I think the formal complaint will go to deaf ears, unless you’ve logged this with the correct department (no idea which one that is, but I’m sure is not the forum…). Customer support has been really bad generally, but in your case is just inexistent.

I have also emailed it to them with the correct name, address, phone number etc that could not be openly posted on a public forum

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and for anyone else stuck in a similar situation the email i sent it to was as i took a while to find it due to support refusing to give out the info and wanted me to post a formal complaint on their survey/feedback forum page

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There are many errors that come up with this game. not saying its a cure-all but… there is one thing that has worked for me. also… there was another issue that was raised with one of the recent patches but ill get to that after the main ones. I think your issue may be the IP6 fix however. I had the same issue. its actually a pretty quick fix.

Obviously there is the general. restart you game/steam/computer. if those do not work.

Update windows or graphics card. (though this has never been the issue for me it has for others I’ve seen)

This is the big cure I’ve seen help with most things. in the steam library in new world. Go to the sprocket that says “Manage”. Then go to “Properties”. Then “Local Files”. Then hit the button that says “Verify integrity of game files…”. it will take a few minutes for this to finish. once that’s done for good measure… restart your computer. This has fixed many issues for me.

Now there was an issue with i believe the 1.04 patch that has to do with your internet setup. there are fixes out there for different types of issues. however there are 3 main issues; The IP6 config issue, the 3rd party firewall issue (got to allow the game to run past your firewall), and the in game lag/crafting/gathering bug that has to do with WIFI and you have to hard line your internet to your computer to fix this one. the other 2 have a little more complicated fixes that can be fixed by following the steps when you google the different issues.

Here is a link for the IP6 issue. New world no product information found cannot initialize game - #2 by distantefix

I didn’t see a specific error code listed so I just included a broad amount of solutions to common issues.

I hope this helps. This games support is lacking a little bit. however with 16 million people joining in the last few months and a few people creating more issues by trying to DUPE anything and everything they can… I’m sure they have their hands full. all games have a slew of issues after launch. I’m sure as we go on there will be a better system put in place for support. still a rad game. GL out there ya all!

hello bud and firstly thank you very much for the help and support, however this is of no help as the issue on my account is an “in-game” issue where progress of stuff have been reset/changed etc so can only be fixed by a dev (once they have gone off and learned how to code ofc) and can be bothered to help their paying customers.

well that sucks. I hope it gets fixed for ya soon. I am addicted to this game. I freak and have to fix a problem right away if it comes up. even about to get my wife on it! her first MMO EVER!! lol. anyhow GL

How long you have to resolve a complaint

For most complaints about payment services, you have 15 days to resolve the complaint. In exceptional circumstances, you have up to 35 days, but you’ll still need to respond within 15 days to tell the customer when you’ll reply fully.

You have up to 8 weeks to resolve all other complaints.

The time you have to resolve a complaint starts from the date it is received anywhere in your business. Customers might complain to you in a number of ways, so it’s important to make sure all relevant staff know how the complaints procedure works.

When handling complaints, your business should:

  • send the customer a prompt written acknowledgment or a summary resolution communication (if the complaint can be resolved within 3 business days)
  • keep the customer reasonably informed about the progress of their complaint
  • send the customer a final response

You must use this procedure to deal with any customer complaint.

figured i would post this one as your staff do not seem to be trained in any aspect of business including complaint handling.

if you are unable/unwilling to fix this issue. and still refuse to refund i would request a letter of deadlock

Pretty sure this is a troll post. But in the off chance OP is serious…

  1. You don’t come to the forums to lodge a formal complaint.

  2. This part is your problem, not AGS’s problem:

But, as others have said… good luck.

  1. if you had read the post rather than skimming it you would see that it has also been emailed

  2. you say it is my problem, how so when all i want to do is play something i have paid for but have to keep contacting back as every time i do the support tell me to wait another 24 hours (27 times so far). and when i do i am told to wait another 24 hours and contact back. so please explain how this part is MY fault

  1. Good, e-mailing is good. Why post here then?

  2. Your expectations are too high for a new MMO. Getting stressed about it is a choice. If you’ve put in 27 support tickets similar to those above, I can see why they aren’t responding. I re-read your first couple posts… and I don’t once see you tell them what your problem is. Your whole argument is that their product is unfinished?

  1. because after almost a month with little to no reply other that the wait another 24 hours (27 times) i am trying any thing i can to get a reply/fix/refund.

2)i have not put in 27 tickets i have been told to wait and contact back 27 times.

  1. the full details were in the original ticket as well as the original forum post that @Ulver has recently for some reason marked as solved and closed, yet fails to reply since to state why it was closed and in what way it has been resolved

so please do not comment on a post without knowing/reading the whole issue. or at least having the decency to ask about it before jumping on the high horse