Fort capping Speed accidently increased?


Seems to be a bug, cuz it isn’t listed in ur Patchnotes.

took around 4 or 5minutes to cap it solo…

The devs work on like 5 different versions of the game.

So a group of devs takes the currently live version of the game and starts working on updating parts of it separate from live. Essentially making a copy.

This copy is left behind because the live version receives updates and changes and it does not.

When the work is finished the copy is married back to the live version. For some reason often leaving behind fixes that have occurred to the live version in the in-between time.

For example: fort capping, weapon swapping bug the last two weeks has returned, OPR consumables automatically filling your empty hot bar slot, OPR battle bread going from 15%-5%-15% in the description.

Sometimes when big changes happen you can actually see which fixes are left out and guess with some accuracy when they branched out and started working on a copy of the game. The music update for instance they worked on for a long time and the longer removed from the live version your copy is, the harder it becomes to marry the two together.

I mean this is all just my theory. but I swear it makes sense based on what they told us about working on different iterations of the game!

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Looks like some things got left out again

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I also received a message saying my daily fort rewards limit had been reached. I’d say I’d capped ten today, with 5 being post patch. Didn’t try capping another to see if I got rewards of not.


Hope it wasn’t intentional. I liked how long it took.

The cap has been 10 forts for a while now.

shouldn’t. wasnt mentioned

Not a bug. The increased time was only temporary. They have already put a cap on rewards from fort captures.