Fort Control Cap Nerf Too Much

This will greatly affect territory pushes. Why can’t the reward amount be reduced? Is this seriously the only way to hotfix your mistakes?


Chill bro it’s going right back when AGS can learn to make a game correctly. It looks like failure after failure on their part it’s like they give no shits about something they spent time building. No sub required for this game and no stellar coding go figure. All these server transfers not enough for them to get some quality patches in this game. No reason grinding should take this long on a f2p mmo. If I were in AGS I be a ticked off my games kept looking like garage thrown together then humped by 2 blue whales after a hurricane came through.

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10minutes its just insane…why not just reduce the amount for 50 azoth salt and xp? enough


Ah so in a month.

I can’t wait :slight_smile:

We can’t have nice things because people abuse them :man_shrugging:


You’re acting as if you know the intended rate of progression for the PvP track. You’re also acting as if this was the only way to fix it. You’re also acting as if fort caps are the fastest way to progress.

Why…it’s flippable every 10 minutes.


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That’s the minimum time. Clearly you’ve never been apart of any territory pushes.

Also the reward amount for the fort was clearly over tuned. It’s not about having nice things and people abusing them. It’s about the developers oversight and players simply following along.

And max is 15. So 4 times an hour. Unless you’re cap trading with the faction you’re trying to flip it from just how often per hour do you actually flip in a contested environment?

Not how it works. If you think flipping 4 times an hour is enough you’re delusional.

So you have more than 4 fully contested fort flips in an hour? Or are you letting the other faction flip it uncontested so you can rush it again?

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It takes 10 minutes to flip the fort. No one is going to be flipping forts in that amount of time while its contested. Think about two groups fighting over control of the fort. With equal numbers and due to how long the fort takes it make no sense to fight over it.

Got it, so you game the system.

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How? What group is gaming the system?

I’m saying during territory pushes its not worth the time to take over the fort if its contested. You’d be better off just running missions without the bonus the fort provides.

Which means (by your own words), if it’s contested, you’re not flipping forts more than 4 times in an hour. The only way you can get more flips than that is literally to step aside and let the faction you’re pushing walk in and flip it so you can flip it back.

Win trading sucks (besides being a direct CoC violation), that’s what has been happening from almost the minute the patch dropped, and this is a step to address that.

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There isn’t anything to win or lose so long as AGS makes shoddy systems like they have left the Fort Capping in since last year. Wow, I capped Brightwood Fort and got resourceless camping wowieeee :crazy_face:. That means a whole lot because it is so hard to find 1 flint and 5 wood AND it means a whole lot since someone can cap it for their faction right under your nose the second you cap it. Half-baked systems deserve no remorse. Got to fix/update the game before we go about punishing players.

It’s not win trading. Also I know its been happening if you’ve read any of my posts. It seems you’re having trouble comprehending.

Which means (by your own words), if it’s contested, you’re not flipping forts more than 4 times in an hour.

This is a problem. Also you’re incorrect, the most you can flip a fort per hour is 6. It affects territory pushes. People playing properly aren’t able to flip the fort the amount of times needed during a territory push. Which means people won’t use this mechanic anymore and it will negatively affect pushes. The only time a fort will flip is if no one bothers to contest it. I’m not talking about “win trading” here, im talking about basic functionality thats been in the game since launch.

What I’m saying, is that the rewards for the fort cap were over tuned but their solution sucked. They should have simply reduced the XP from capping a fort. This wouldn’t affect players playing properly because if they have the quest to flip the fort this would supplement those rewards.

How can you possible say this…

…isn’t win trading? Go ahead and take your time to come up with some contorted logic justifying this as anything other than win trading…I’ll be around.

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I’ve suggested…

Allow three fort caps per day (much like the bags)… after that, no reward.

Simple, can’t be abused and keeps things simple.


That’s probably what they’re going to implement given some time.

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