Fort Control Cap Nerf Too Much

Don’t need to, you’re the one who has to prove it’s win-trading.

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It’s the literal definition of win trading - two opposing teams agreeing to stand there and let each other cap. It’s no different than two teams standing across from each other and trading kills.

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No its not the literal definition of win trading. You don’t even know the definition of win-trading. You just see the term and think it applies. No one is “winning”, no one is “losing”, there is no match, there is no exchange.

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“Ok, you take the fort from us while we stand here and watch.” Team 1

“Cool, we took it - and now we’ll stand here and watch while you take it.” Team 2

But that’s not win trading in your mind. Right.

Completely made up conversation that further demonstrates your misinterpretation of win-trading.

Supporting your community and working hand in hand with all factions, one fort flip at a time. :smiley: :rofl:

lol goodfellas1

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I guess players ignoring other flagged players while doing PvP missions in Great Cleave is also win-trading according to you?

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Sure thing buddy, that’s not what’s happening in that picture…

I think you and I have exhausted our conversational options on this subject. You’re not going to stop defending it and I’m not going to stop calling it out.

Do you not know how quotes work? Also their solution doesn’t stop the supposed “win-trading”. So guess AGS isn’t with you on this one either. I’m only suggesting that their solution should’ve been to reduce the reward amount instead of increasing the timer which would have a larger affect on the game. Guess its too hard for someone as illiterate as you to comprehend.

It obviously wasn’t.

Made no such claim

Made no such claim.

In short, cap.

You didn’t make a “claim” that’s why I said you’re “acting” in response to this comment:

We can’t have nice things because people abuse them

That there is a completely factual statement.

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There’s a difference between having nice things and the devs miscalculating.

Very true! However, these are not mutually exclusive.

So just by the existence of the devs miscalculation it could be considered an exploit.

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A month? I’m still waiting took a 6 month hiatus and this game still not fixed it’s just barely playable. They clearly have no experience with fixing things in a timely manner ESO’s dev team at least got their launch bugs patched in this amount of time. actually less than that it took 3 to 4 months after launch for them to fix the games playability. This is just as if they put NW on the backburner for something else.

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Everything is an exploit when the Dev’s do not have a proper Director. Combat skills have been left in the dumpster for this long, yet people were having fun advancing through the shiny, new progression system (while there is a cap on arenas mind you) so that had to be caboshed very quickly. Priorities and Foresight just are not there.


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You are making a ridiculous claim.

Fort capture now gives an award for winning (capturing a fort). People are trading wins to optimize how many wins they can get in their available playtime.

It is blatantly obvious win trading and the only reason I can think of that someone would claim otherwise is that they know win trading is expressly prohibited by the game code of conduct.

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Fort captures and arena win trading are completely different topics. Both wouldn’t happen if there wasn’t a cap on arenas.