Fortification changes are wrong

So i spend 7h on ptr and those changes are worst i even seen in this game, all over armor mitigation its reduced by 20% for all armor type and your Fortification scales from your basic armor value so let say you are 2200 as heavy player and u exite entombed ur armor jump to 3700 , so its mean its very easy to reduce to real low valus by abilities like armor breaker etc, Other part of it you just simple nerf the most expensive perk in game to the ground (shrinking fortification) with some people spend 3000 h and 1 mln gold+ on it, instead of reworking Fortification from % values to armor scaeling ,simply make those regulatons through Equip load to make good difference between :Light/medium/heavy utlity.


the best of all things done in this patch is the fortification change


i dont think they thought the fort changes through completely. people explode as is with current fort implementation, its only going to get worse now that people are all around squishier


Just means that players need to rely on more than just a healer.

Love fortify being nerfed.

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How fortify got nerfed? I’ve not played OPR.

it’s about ptr^^

forty now scale with ur basic armor values same shrinking as perk , more armor= even more armor stacked on you

Yea people are squishier but remember there is less damage and less cc in the game also :+1:

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i dont know bow still broken as hell, fire staff broken as hell , they wanna just kill them game


Yea they probably just want to kill their own game you’re right

they wanna preper for liberty and throne


That’s pretty cold comfort for the melee players…

Also melee damage nerf and moved grit

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I was only trying to point out that the reduced survivability isn’t one sided, they implemented reduced damage and cc as well :+1: to neglect this point wouldn’t be fair to the patch


I think the change is fine, but I do think the values should be tweaked around a bit. Currently everybody, even players in heavy, feel really squishy and the TTK is incredibly low.

Did you see the PTR war? Half of the people are running Bow or FS, and the other half are just spamming staggers and frostbite on point. Lol. We’ve entered a new hell meta.

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Staggers n frost doesn’t sound very different from usual….

But, be careful of jumping to hasty conclusions based on a single sample size :ok_hand:

it’s possible that people on ptr are bringing old meta mindsets to a new, not fully yet understood, meta environment

:ok_hand: more testing is required before I commit to a decision

i was playing it too and oh boy you can allready see the new cancer med fire/bb aoe spam meta comming which i guess will be even less fun than dex meta bowpr we had.

Why is it less fun? If you get blown up by a firestaff/bb, at least they probably had to be close enough to you for you to be able to fight back. That’s already better imo

As a light fort user, I think it just varies up the play mechanics a bit. Clearly playing on ptr attacks, damage and abilities seems reduced across the board.

It’s. Game so I’m fine with the challenge, so what as a light armor hatched wielding no grit using person, ya going to turn to perk wise?

It always seemed crazy that shirking fort became mandatory,