Fortification changes are wrong

Low ttk is fun

How low is too low?

Just imagine wars… TTK in OPR is pretty high on live, if TTK is low in PTR OPR… I can’t even imagine how f*cking paper armies will be in a 50v50… I’m crying on the inside. I don’t care if they gutted my main class, I care about this change. That is all.


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Low TTK brings on cheese. Cheese brings on no skill. No skill brings on garbage.

that’s why they removed Vicious from Tiger’s Instinct :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be better to scale up fortifications for heavy and medium armor. Just a modification of about 20% and 10% would seems to be about right.

Wow, you already did war on PTR? Amazing. Was it random group versus random group?

I disagree just because of how many people play for cool downs and when those cheese build make mistakes they can get killed but autos instead of always getting away with 75% health. Low ttk gives room for more out playability. So much face tanking in love right now

ags decided to kill the game once more i wish they dont pass these change or game will die again

That’s like saying Warzone 2 is more skilled than Warzone 1.

Haven’t played warzone since the first big way of cheats on first map, so wouldn’t get the reference lol

People say this every patch and it doesn’t

They cut TTK in half from Warzone 1 to Warzone 2 and the only thing it promoted was rat piece of sh*t behavior, camping and cheese tactics. It lower the skill and raised the cancer.

Just like it will do in New World.

More rats, less skill and more cancer.

Going from 100k to 25k the first time it was said is essentially killing it.

Going from 25k to 15k is essentially killing it.

It’s not a false statement. Lol.

game is over after thsi patch hit life server , would be only bows and fire staff

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