Fortifies need to be increased not decreased

I saw in the patch notes that they are nerfing some of the forties like fortifying perforate on spear. This is exactly the wrong direction. With the changes to fortify applying to armor now instead of flat damage reduction, these fortify values need to be increased almost across the board.

That’s just due to the change to fortify. A second consideration is the invigorated punishment ring. In many cases this will result in the player actually taking more damage with a small fortify than the will without, depending on size and the armor weigh they run… this needs to be addressed as well. No buff should ever result in more incoming damage. And the numbers hide that this will be occurring.

yeah, i found the fort. perf. nerf hilarious

i mean, obviously it was the most OP fortify in the game, but while many fortify buffs become almost irrelevant, fortifying perforate would’ve been one that would still be solid, well now no more…

On Light armor it should not even exist.

And I say that as a light user.


Well that’s the problem… it does exist. And it is a detriment once the patch goes live. So anyone with shoring fort on light HAS to reroll. And likely on medium. Even heavy if you don’t have 4-5…

Not sure what solution would/ should be… it would almost be more beneficial if they just deleted the perk off lihhht armors… then you could at least keep the peice of gear… maybe convert it to elemental aversion in light armor? But even that’s problematic since light pants are used in medium builds…

It’s a mess. They ought to just raise the shirking fort values to like 10% each. Since it’s only adding armor… it wouldn’t do almost anything to lights