Fortify meta and limits

Does fortify have a cap? Or even, can anyone explain the scalling on adding more and more fortify to a build?


Effects Description Effect Cap
Cleanse Removes and provides immunity to all debuffs N/A
Empower Increase attack damage 50%
Fortify Increases damage absorption 50%
Haste Increases run and/or sprint speed 50%*
Heal Restores health over time N/A
  • Haste Cap does not apply to the Haste Elixir from the Seige Armory in Wars
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thanks! :slight_smile:

It says rend cap is 30%, but is that only per person? Meaning if 2 spear users do perforate, the overall rend amount is 50%?

They really need to make shock usable by us lol

Ah, the reason that disease is a joke

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It really isn’t a joke

It really is though. Because disease doesn’t gimp healing by itself. Rend + disease + cc does.

Obviously not a cleanse pot enjoyer

Cleanse pots only do so much lol

They do everything lol

I know, but only for a limited amount of time and then there’s a CD. That’s why you can’t depend on them is what I’m saying

i think rend cap is 30% , however the void blade 15% rend stacks with other rend.
eg, if perforate 30% rend +void blade 15% , it would be 45%

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Thanks, yeah would be nice to get an official answer. You see 2 rend debuff icons sometimes, but do they really stack?

The do. Any rend after 30% only works to counter fortification. And any fortification after 50% is just “rend resistance”