Fortifying Perforate is Officially a dead perk in PvP - SPEAR

TLDR: Do not put the perk fortifying perforate in your armor anymore. It only gives about 4% damage absorption if you land all 3 perforates. Take the elemental aversion or physical aversion. Its also not worth putting it on your weapon as you’d rather have skewer. They essentially removed Fortifying Perforate from the game by making it do little to nothing.

Tested with medium armor. If you land all 3 perforates on an enemy you gain about 4% damage absorption overall. If you land anything but 3 perforates on an enemy you will be taking MORE damage from people with invigorated punishment.

To the DEVS: The fortify changes to scale off armor now was already a huge nerf to fortify in general. This ADDITIONAL nerf was completely uncalled for IMO. This perk is no longer worth running at all in armor now.

Recommend: I would say if all 3 perforates land we get minimum 12% + damage absorption.


The perk is actually still viable for tanking, in fact with the weaken changes to perf its even better. Since its another source of weaken, it also is a second weaken type further buffing spear tanking. Its not bad for heavy spear, its bad for light.

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Skewer already hits the weaken cap when its on weap (which is what you want) perforate on spear is not good at all since the actual damage mitigation is really bad with fortify now.

You THINK perforate is good because of its weaken that is being applied, but the weaken is ALREADY applied to max with skewer.

Since you don’t want perforate on weapon, and definitely not on gear now - fortifying perforate is not wanted anywhere in a build since its so worthless.

The Devs adding weaken to perforate is not the correct move IMO because skewer ALREADY did a fantastic job at providing weaken.

TLDR: fortifying perforate was completely removed which is a massive nerf to the already non meta spear

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Your math is wrong as you don’t take into account gems

If I am wrong, I am open to your testing numbers

not on bosses, they take 50% reduced debuff power.

Nourri, I am talking about PvP.

“overcaped weaken” can nullify target’s empower


Tbh I think perforate needs an an animation cancel at this point. Maybe after the second poke. I can’t telI if that would be too strong though

Spear and Musket players can just uninstall i guess.
Devs proving once again, you don’t need brain to balance a weapon → just kill it instead.

I know. the changes were made to prevent light from being tanky, that was the point of those fort based changes. No more tanky light. Its the design choice that the previous combat lead worked hard on.

also no one asked for the weaken on perforate.
When spear already puts 43% weaken on someone, who needed 30% extra which wasn’t needed ion the first place?
Then the devs used that weaken to justify fort nerfs, over actual fortify mechanic which was nerfed anyway.

Only use spear has on PTR is javelin into triple explosive arrow/pillar of fire and boom you’re dead. Kinda like hatchet had only 1 use this patch, defy death. Anything else on spear is just pure troll or nostalgic value from players who had their weapon butchered for no reason.

Nourri, the percentages I am talking about, are on medium armor. It is even worse on light armor. Please do your own testing before you input your strong opinions.

that sounds like a bug or a false statement. If you think its not working correctly, submit a bug report. med should not be getting less fort than light.

Correct, they added weaken (didn’t need it) and took away fortify completely as the new fortify numbers give very bad damage absorption to the point where you shouldn’t take it at all.

Nourri, Light armor is getting WORSE numbers, its like 2% damage mitigation, medium armor is getting 4% damage mitigation - thats if you land ALL 3 perforates. Light armor is getting worse fortify as intended. Devs nerfed spear pretty hard by removing fortify from perforate and adding a weaken that wasn’t needed.

The mitigation cap for light armor is around 10% (9 and some change). getting 4% from 1 ability is almost half of the mit cap.

I hope you understand the intent is to make light always squishy with some very small wiggle room. They want heavy to be tanky always with some wiggle room. The have functionally redesigned the way armors work, not nerfed or buffed something.


fortify v1 (live fort) is not removed from the game and is now combined (Stacked) with v2 (ptr fort). People have done the math and are all concluding that mit cap can get to 200% when its at 98.2% now.

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You don’t know what i think. You want to tank on light, its been decided that will now happen anymore. End of story. The conversation ends there, if thats why you are complaining. Accept it. You dont get to roll around 100 times and tank better in light than heavy does, anymore. Its a design direction change.

Fort perf is good for heavy armor tanks, in pve.

Perf having weaken allows people to not have to run skewer, which opens up options for more cc in combination with damage, or opens up more aoe with things like cyclone. That change gave a lot of flexibility to spear.

I made a post in ptr feedback and tagged @Zin_Ramu
Gonna be my last tag on him here, because I am not gonna be one of those forum whiners who continually spend time here just to get their way.

If they can fix the mistakes, cool
If they can’t, At least spear players are owed an explanation on why their weapon got butchered by 2 indirect nerfs and 1 direct nerf which was caused due to a buff NO ONE FKN ASKED FOR.

I don’t think they should nerf it and feel bad for spear users. Just like I never agreed with the nerds that ruined firestaff , and the mutators that made them useless…

But spear is in a much better spot than GA WH and even harchet.