Fortifying Perforate is Officially a dead perk in PvP - SPEAR

Idk what planet are you living on

Spear had no grit, no mass CC, and was in general a bad weapon to fight anything except 1v1’s. Its the same now, except where you could fight in groups before now you can’t.

We have bruisers in our company prepping spear builds… for knockdowns, tends and weakens…

What world are you in?

Every bruiser I know is coming up with multiple alternate builds… greatswords, spears… za fee going bow…

then talk after the patch when after 4 wars you’ve lost all land and the spears move on to KS frontline with heavy sns primary spear secondary just javelin setup for their bows/fs to 100-0 someone.

Too late… already has no land.

Please get some before you talk then.
Clearly you have no clue what you are talking about.

We have owned plenty of land. Just not at the moment, supple took everfall from us.

I understand war and bruising very well. Everyone is scrambling trying to find a build that will work. Many think weakens are the new fortify. Personally I think everyone will be heavy point (s&s and bb) or ranged damage (bow and Fs) and heals… I think melees will doa in war due to fort nerfs… but I hope I can still play great axe…

Can hardly blame you over it.

Then you know bruisers are shifting to 300 con to get the grit while keeping conditioning, resil, ref/freedom. Spear’s still doodoo in that case.

They pretty much will be, But spear is just in a worse spot because it already saw no gameplay. Now its just over, unless you use it for javelin.

Hmm, I guess we’ll see. I know of a few of my brothers building out heavy armor spear builds for war.

I think bruisers will split to 300 con ga/ wh and 300 str gs/wh. One to clump and the other to kill the clump… but i think temporary this will fail… and bruisers will just not be in wars

The extra weaken is still useful because it counters empowering.

Because instead of the enemy(assuming they cap empower) having 7% empower they actually be at a negative value. Which is what I want personally.

extra weaken to stop empower is a gimmick, which requires a lot of setup and assumes you will live. Fortify allowed you to get general protection not just protection from the person who you’re hitting. Adding enfeeble wasn’t needed, on top of that that justifies removal of fortify which was needed. Talking about 100 stones and 0 birds.
You’re trolling just like in your other posts. Keep at it

I asked for it. It was a move that would help validate spear main hand tanking. The skill cap for rapier is slightly to high because of the inability to access fortifying effects for when it has no stamina/evade/riposte. Spear was lacking tanking power as a main weapon due to insufficient mitigation. The weaken empower spear for maintain handing and allows it to flex more power into other abilities that will support it better. I personally think skewers perk should be swapped to a bleed effect, but i am ok with where it is.

On another note.

I know a lot of people feel like this for weapon changes, but they are going about this in all the wrong way. The over all math was changed significantly so that all weapons are brought in line with each other. This removes excessive power from skill cap and allows for people to b e more competitive with small skillcap based power gains.

You are all looking at this like its a damage nerf to this, but its actually a rework.

The current concept is spam a bunch of cc+dps abilities, like sweep, shockwave, etc. This prevented people from taking damage based abilities like cyclone (which is the strongest aoe in the game). This made all abilities have a clear distinction, namely, that you take it for either dps or cc, not both.

So when you look at damage reductions on cc based abilities, like sweep, you think its a nerf, but its actually a fix to a long-rooted problem, a rework in choice.

hope this clarifies.

you already had enfeeble skewer for max cap, which has more consistent application than perforate.
Enfeeble on skewer = 43% enfeeble
Put fortifying perforate on armor you have = 30% fort
orb of protection has 400% uptime = 10% fort
8 gems can give you 10/10
There you go, fort cap + enfeeble cap. DO the math before talking.

Talk to me when you have something substantial to show for instead of wall of texts.
War vods should be a start. Until then ciao

Skewerer + perf a lot of setup?

Well that’s going to be gone so look to the future lol.

I’m not trolling, you just can’t stop complaining, Mr. “best spear in the west” :joy::saluting_face:

As self appointed 2nd best spear in the west, I say that spear will be fine.

As third appointed spear in the west, and 1st appointed tank spear in the east, i agree.

Nourri you like the weapon change because it works well with PVE only and thats what you only play.

No, I just dont agree with your position that light should be tanky. You can accept that or not, i dont care.

My positions on balance are in no way influenced by my self-desire to make my class op. I have enough wisdom to know thats destructive.

Pointe I’m sorry but you don’t make a valid argument if you think the weaken on perforate is now good to counter those who are empowered only.

You do appear and come off as trolling.

I have never once said light should be tanky. Look back up at my posts. I am actually talking about MEDIUM armor mostly. Please read carefully and understand a topic before posting. You are a strict PVE player ( which is is just fine) and this is a PvP post

Light or medium should not be tanky. I dont care wich.

You keep repeating that but its not true.

Weaken is good whether the person is empowered or not lol