Fortifying Perforate is Officially a dead perk in PvP - SPEAR

You are not understanding. Weaken is good on anyone up to 50% then anything after is wasted if someone is not empowered.

Who isnt empowered lol.

Do you not realize how much empowerment exists in this game?

In any case, you don’t have to dump all of your weaken all at once anyway.

Also some of you guys really need to learn the difference between disagreeing with someone and trolling. You come off as narcissists.

I’ll ask you this one question.

Do you think a situational 30% weaken on perforate was a good or bad idea to completely replace fortify as a whole? Fortifying perforate is now a perk that should not be put on gear as of right now due to the nerfs. If you do put it on your armor, and do not land all 3 perforates you will take more damage from invigorated punishment players.

If you think this was a good change, we no longer have anything to talk about and we just have different opinions.

The only time that weaken is pretty useless is when applying it to a healer. Other than that, conditional is not the word I would use.

Fortifying perforate in pvp died as soon as it stopped persisting through weapon swaps. That’s my opinion on that. It’s a PvE perk.

As a main spear user, I disagree, fortifying perforate was still very useful. If you really thought fortifying perforate died when you no longer have fortify after switching weapons, that’s all I need to know. That is a wild thought that I can’t engage with and think our conversation can end now.

Wait you can’t just say “I have this proof” and not present it. I wanna see haha.

Bro use a different finisher omg :skull:

complain about what?
what every spear player doesn’t want, but we got anyway?
Look at your comment history, you actually exist to troll the forums get a rise out of people.

Right, Stay on isabella where people literally war log and await merges. “2nd best spear”, you’re not even in the list of actual single digit players who ever played spear. Go Troll on a different thread.

Oh I forgot that you were the king of us. I better fall in line :saluting_face:. “Every spear” goodness.

If people get mad that my opinion is different from there’s then it’s on them not me lol. We obviously play spear in different ways

I think maybe you should come to Isabella, someone said that you have a character here. Go a few rounds and learn something :joy:

Everyone is self-appointed in this game, there’s no official list with any good/bad players…

The pool of active pvpers is so small that there are definitely objectively good and bad players but you’re right for the most part.

Unless you are transferring from a different region, There have been so many merges
everyone knows all the good/decent players. There is ofcourse no official list, but If there is a better player than you, You’d know because you’d have duelled or war’d or OPR’d against them.

They haven’t mentioned anyone, I play with them almost everyday.
Like i said, go convince them.

Ahoy!. Last comment for the troll^^