Forts are so Painful

So my server has a few people who through whatever life circumstances able to live at forts. Are you taking a fort? They’re there. And they’re all this single group of green players.

I’m all for open world PvP, and am pretty much always flagged. But here is the thing

  • Most of their specs are full Dex, Stamina Recovery, Purifying Toast. Usually bow/musket and another weapon. They’ll shoot anyone on point, and just run away forever if pressured. They’ll never fight you in a sustained battle. This means if you are a single person or small group taking a fort you are in for a long uphill battle. It’s really easy to pressure the point, and just run or jump the wall. Even if you manage the catch and kill they’re right back a few seconds later. As long as you aren’t on the point they’re winning.

  • You bring a larger group to take the point, and they will be there as soon as you leave re-capping the point. If you chase them off they will wait in the ramparts until you leave. This means for all your work capping vs. them you can’t even enjoy the buff.

It’s not a matter of skill or tenacity. It’s time. They have time. The result is green currently has every fort on the map.

We could take a huge group, swarm the map, even put 10 people at every fort. And by morning everything would be back to green.

This would be one thing for the more benign perks. (Free camp, Free teleport, etc.) But that only exacerbates the problem, because most players are only going to help out for forts such as First Light (Refinement Bonus) or MB (xp bonus for aptitude chests). This makes it even easier for the small faction of players to control the map.

At least when there was a lock you’d know your job well done would stand a while. I’d even be happy if control reset to neutral on unlock so someone had to go re-cap. Or perhaps let groups over-cap (which would deteriorate over time even if no one is there). Or make the cap really fast, but a 12m lock. Or just rework the fort bonus’ so there are no gameplay impacting bonus’.

Add the ability to destory other camps when PvP Flagged. Re-spawns fixed. Makes fights more meaningful.

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I dont see any problem with what they are doing.

They are outplaying you.

But the thing is it’s not outplaying. Let me draw a comparison.

A while back the aforementioned group had the MB territory. We wanted to take it.

These guys mobilized half the faction to stop our push. They literally setup a camp city in the sand flats where the one drop off quest finished and had a ton of guys rotating around the fort and other objectives.

It was actually kind of impressive.

They couldn’t beat us in a fight straight up, but they wouldn’t leave. Just constantly swarming any weak link, person out of position, or trying to make things take as long as possible blocking routes to turn in.

That push failed the first night because we hadn’t anticipated any opposition, and took us 7-9 hours the next night depending how you count. When we finished it felt super rewarding. I went to bed, we declared the next day. We won the war, and still have MB to this day.

See the difference?

Once the territory was in conflict they couldn’t just cancel the war. There was an end point where victory was achieved. Sure they could and did push back and declare new wars. We even encouraged it.
We defended and kept our territory.

With forts there is literally no end.

Lol, literally out-playing.