Forum feedback - Dear dev's

I am sorry for the feedback you have in the forum, I hope this does not discourage you and you continue to build the game as it should be. I trust you and a lot of the community as well, and although the game did not turn out as anyone expected, it is a very fun game with a lot of potential, people have already stopped criticizing constructively and this is already a well of blood.
I think they cry so much because they love the game, but honestly you don’t help at all.
And I also hope the community doesn’t destroy this game.

Truly too late; the community is currently imploding right now for the worse themselves looool. Okay it’s not funny I am actually sad of its state in game and on the forums but there’s nothing any of us can do. Everything has been said, it’s on the devs to save the game.

Seems like indie company but with a lot of money, and its real, they are indie and they are learning, i have trust on this game and of the team and hopefull they can fix all the problems.

It’s sad when you have more enjoyment for the 40 quid spent to be part of the forum than the actual game.
Congratulations :partying_face:
I really do think the forum should have a cash shop.

actually have spend like 450h in the actual game, so the 40$ was totally worth it just for that.

I waste more money on games what literally have played 10 hours.

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