Forum Organization?

I’m concerned about the structure of the forums. Right now there is ONE and only one catch-all General Discussion topic. There are no sub-forums. There is no threading.

There’s a forum for game feedback and a forum for getting technical help. But for people who want to discuss the game, there’s just one big pile-up. Do AGS not understand that as the player base grows, the posts and topics will grow exponentially, and the chaotic nature of one big unorganized mess of posts and topics will only get worse? They say the forums are for “building a community” but how are we to do that in this quagmire? This problem feels similar to the one of the grossly unorganized chat that we’ve been complaining about all along.

Why are there no subforums for topics such as

  • Company Recruiting
  • Cities/Zones
  • Resources
  • Screenshots
  • Forum feedback
  • Players Helping Players
  • Off Topic

There’s a search box to find a specific topic, and a bookmark feature, but is that all there will ever be? I don’t understand how this is intelligent forum design in this day and age.


Dam agree on this…so hap hazard

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Now this is an actual topic worth talking about. A light in the darkness amidst all this crying over queues. I agree!

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You misspelled “Queue”.

In all seriousness though, those will come in time once the dumpster fire burns out.

I hope you’re right @Warhound , and I’ll remain hopeful. But we saw in the last beta just how much they listen to and implemented our suggestions. I guess I just believe in the old maxim “Begin as you mean to go on”. It seems to me that this is a poor way to begin, and it will be harder to fix later than it would have been to start out right.


@Sue_D_Nim - You have a well crafted and thought-out post. This has been the Community Managers cadence since Closed Alphas. I’ve been playing since 2018 during some of the first tests.

They have always stayed closed lipped. Saw huge roadblocks and nailed the gas. If it wasn’t for the failure of Crucible. They would have launched this back in 2020 and failed even harder.

Why listen to the people who are devoting their time and money to your product… I mean what do they know?


I agree. I was looking for some sort of tutorial or something to see if there was a better way to streamline things. Can’t seem to find one though there are apparently two badges for two different forum tutorials? If anyone can point me towards either or both of them that’d be great.

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