Fraction token change


Is there any chance to receive another fraction token change?
I have moved to my friends server and I had to change the fraction. Right now all of them have moved to maruders, as server was fully covered by syndicat and there was no competition.

Right now I have left without token and friends in company.
Please help to solve this issue, I have stuck with my friend without possibility, to play together with my friends…

Server: Bran
Characters: Haszi & Alternatywka

Hi @surma.damiankr! Thank you so much for joining to our Forums!

Transferring again will require an additional token. Our team is looking for an additional wave of server transfer tokens to be given out for free. Estimated timing is before the year’s end.

We will keep you updated if that changes.

We will later make server transfer tokens available for purchase in the store. We will give notice ahead of time when tokens are changing to a paid service.

You can find more information about server transfer here:

[Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2

Have a good one! Take care :smiley_cat:

Hi @Firus,
This is not about a server transfer token. This one is about fraction token.
I cannot change the fraction as I need to wait 96 days, which is ridiculous.
In server like Bran, where 3/4 of cities is took by a one fraction (full map was covered in purple, before my friends moved to green ones), it is really sad. Additionaly, when You have the knowledge, that those 96 days can be changed by a support in particular examples like this one on database…

Thank you @surma.damiankr! My apologies for the misunderstanding.

As we shared in the recent patch Into the Void , faction Change Cooldown has been reduced to 60 days (down from 120), however, we are aware of different players experiencing an inconvenience where the cooldown is still more than 60 days.

Our team is currently working to fix it soon. If you have a faction change cooldown longer than 60 days i would escalate your case to the general research our team has regarding this issue. The dev team is working hard to have this issue fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Hi @Firus,
Thank You for reaching out.
Actually me and my brother are having the same issue, where we both have 96 days cooldown.
Would be great to solve this out.
Names in game:

Best regards,


I have raised ticket, but there is no reply at all. I still have 93 days left…
Can this case be finally handled?


Hey @surma.damiankr, thank you for your post.

Unfortunately at the moment we don’t have more details about this. The specialist team still working hard on it to fix it as soon as possible for the players are experiencing this inconvenience.

As soon as i have more information I’ll make sure to update you.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused to you and thank you so much for your patience.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you!

UPDATE fraction
SET Fraction_CD = days_left-60
WHERE days_left>=60 ;

another case is for people where they have changed it more than 60 days ago. For them You can just simply clear Fraction_CD.
Is it really that hard to do it?


CD has been changed to 60 days. Still it is too many of them.
Can it be finally fixed?!

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