Frames drop when looking in the sky

Any time looking into the sky it drops my frame rate to 10 or 5 fps on my Nvidia 2060 Super graphics card

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I have this same issue on my 2070 Super and I just posted another topic about it here

Low Frame Rate when Camera Low to Ground - English Community / Game Feedback - New World Test Forums

(Going to post my update here for you too, in case it is helpful!)

So, while playing this morning, I am not currently seeing this issue.

I believe this could be either due to the much lower population on the server right now or (perhaps more likely) the fact that I am playing at night right now. Could it perhaps be to do with daytime lighting / shadows?

Unless something has been changed in the patch that might influence this issue but I would doubt that.

I will report back once I have checked the issue in daytime again.

Hi @Staburus and @Kuni Welcome to the Forum,

Here you can find some troubleshooting to fix FPS issues: Troubleshooting Frame Rate and Performance Issues - Support | Amazon Games.

Please let me know if any of those steps fix this.

Can please let us know after checking this as well?

I hope you are enjoying the game and thank you for you contribution to the Beta.

I have tried the steps listed but they have not helped. For the most part, they are things I have already done to optimise my PC.

Having now tried again in the day, I don’t believe I’m seeing this issue. This is odd as it was constantly happening across both of my play sessions yesterday and the day before.

So, it is either a server population / server lag issue which I may find returns later in the day OR perhaps something was fixed in the latest update.

PS. Yes, I am still enjoying the game and I am sure that performance optimisation will be a focus for the dev team pre and post launch.

Hi @Kuni,

Thanks for the information, yes our Dev has been working diligently on the game and had ran some updates recently.

I am glad the issue was resolved and that you are enjoying the game, if any other issue arises please let us know.

Safe travels in New World!

Ah, I wish it had been fixed but the issue is now back.

I am really not sure what is causing it, I can only guess it is server related.

Thanks for the heads up, I will escalate this issue to the Devs team for further investigation.

My latest info is that it seems to be related to the Terrain.

I have just now changed my Terrain Quality from Very High to High and then back to Very High again. This causes the game to ‘rebuild’ the terrain when you change this setting. After doing this, the issue is fixed for now. Perhaps the issue worsens the more you play? Not sure.

EDIT - It doesn’t last long as the issue does come back but this does reliably fix it.

I mention this to the other customer service but to spread word more the terrain has problems when lowering to medium so it has to be something with terrain

I have left my Terrain Quality on High for now and haven’t seen the issue return yet but it may still reappear again!

I believe Terrain is the culprit here, yes.

To clarify:

The issue does eventually come back.

You have to change the Terrain Quality setting again to temporarily fix it.