Free character transfer to server of choice

Officially announced in the forum Launch Day Update

Thank you Amazon, finally a good approach to tackle the current situation. I am looking forward to gather all my lost sheep and be able to join with them on a server of our choice in the coming days.


I don’t understand what is meant by “new servers”. Is it “recently created server” or just “another server that is new to your character”.

I cant praise their statement until I fully understand it :slight_smile:


Although he said ‘server of choice ‘ I’ll wager that is not what will be on offer.


More information will be coming in the following days. Stay tuned!


Can I only transfer my character one time or every time I want to play? Because if this is a one-time thing it won’t solve the problem at all. After some time we will have Server with a capacity of X-people, but much more characters on the servers… So we will always have to wait. Also, if a friend starts afterwards, there will be no chance that we are going to play together.


“Days” I guess you wanted to say “hours”?


This is not a real solution. Average wainting time is 8-56 hours in EVERY SERVERS.


its funny to hear. We must know how it will work now, not in few days.
In the following days you have to solve situation with servers. Steam already has very bad rating for the game. How it was possible to fail like this…

Im trying to connect for about 12 hours. Its not beta anymore!!! I cant receive for what i paid money!


so we have to wait many days to have informations about how we’ll can move to another server which not exist yet for finally play?

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I would like to know this as well. The wording are so ambiguous. Is it “new server” as in new server that wasn’t in the original launch server list?

Or any server? But if it’s any server to choose to transfer, why using the keyword “new” instead of “any”

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Nah probably they say next two weeks, so they release it in 14 days when the game died like Crucible


This is pointless if they are not adding completely new servers. From what I can see all US East servers show as High on population, what the heck is there to transfer in to, a larger queue time. Transferring isn’t the solution, increase population cap, should be easy for a company with such a large datacenter to do so with. Unless Amazon has been lying to everyone about how powerful and large there AWS services are! If you can create new servers, you can increase population just as easy, just click the edit button on the server code and change it to 10,000 for each server and we all good, problem solved.

We need a fix now, not in weeks, launch was 6 hours ago, or did you forget that (take some ginseng, or gingko biloba) and maybe your memory of how to edits numbers will come back.


Well let me elaborate on why I think this is a good approach.
Clearly Amazon anticipated the number of player devastatingly wrong, we’re talking times 3 wrong. Roughly 500.000 people in queue on EU alone while server capacity is at about 180.000.
For reasons unknown, they didn’t do the maths or had wrong numbers, whatever the reason, that’s the current situation.
Now some people have been lucky and have been able to play for a bunch of hours today, on servers with minimum 4 digits long queues. They will have put in hours of gameplay until Amazon finally and hopefully matches the demand with sufficient server capacity. It’s unlikely that we, as a company, will be able to join their server later, it’s currently full of people who have been playing all day long.
If we’re now given the chance to meet on a server of our choice in the following days, when and if capacity is finally sufficient, then I consider this a good solution. Those lucky ones won’t have to delete their characters and lose hours, perhaps days, of gameplay but we’re all finally be able to play together, hopefully. That’s how I read the announcement and how i think and hope, Amazon will continue to approach this mess of a launch. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way happy with the current launch, but adding a free transfer on top of more and more servers, is a step in the right direction in my opinion.


please allow early faction change because we picked faction based on how the faction population looked to not be the biggest.

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My character appears to have now been deleted (tried the refresh trick) and I cant even create a new one as it says there’s no availible worlds!

EU loginserver appear to be down completly.

All good got back into the queue only to get kicked again now in my forth queue 7.2 hours in game on steam all of which have been spent in a queue I still havent been in game once!

My last drop is back another 800 places in the queue!

Will we be able to transfer to busy servers? Or only to other dead servers?


I am willing to delete my progress to be able to re-login and actually play.
Would you please bring some more servers online ??
There are still so many people waiting in EU and there is literally not ONE server with a queue that is reasonable.

I deleted my character on a full server. Was pointed towards a new server and made a new char. But its gone now. The character isn’t shown anymore.

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why would i want to transfer to a new server just to have the same issues on the new server. caps are way to small, people are avoiding log outs by glitch running into walls, and there are already a large number of farm bots running around without getting logged out for unusual activity. Besides I am never going to pay for a server transfer anyway.