Free character transfer to server of choice

Wtf is this vague post? What are the actual restrictions and details? right now NA East is all full af. can i go play on NA West or even SA and transfer back to NA East? Or can I only transfer within region? All kinda fucking important information to not include -.-

New servers are on USA EAST

I would happily transfer my character right now to the lowest population server so I could play. I originally created my character on a low pop server this morning and played for 4-5 hours, but now there’s several hour long queues to even get into the server. I don’t want to create a new character and replay those first hours yet again, so I guess I just won’t be playing for the new few days / weeks?

I imagine there’s a lot of people in a similar position, where they don’t have a lifestyle where one can plan 2 hours in advance of when they’re able to play and join a queue and hope to get in at the right time.


This needs to be added asap!

You get one free faction change in game already.

I won’t play until the transfer feature is implemented. There is no point restarting on the new servers again, only to have those also become overpopulated. I’ll just end up in the same queue position again tomorrow. hmu when they add transfer or multiple same server world instances.

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so when is this happening or am i waiting 2 weeks ?

even after making and deleting a character to move to a more un populated server and then playing a few hrs ive returned to play more and wait theres yet another wait to enter

systems working well just as well i dont need to sleep to be up for work or anything else in life i can wait to enter to play this glorious game like this second times only been a few hrs to re enter the game

They clearly said two weeks. Two weeks in queue…ahahahaha heavy breath


Can’t understand will we be able to transfer characters only between servers in one Region or between different Regions?

I have nearly equal ping in EU and US East - but EU is high populated now + queues , and US East is low populated without queues. So we can play and then transfer to EU if we will need better ping.


Any region will be available

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I couldn’t log in the server i wanted and where most of my friends are playing yesterday because of queues, so i created a character in a 0 queue server (EU) and leveled to 15. Today I’m not able to log in in that server because of queues and getting disconnected multiple times while waiting in queue (got disconnected 4 times as of now when getting close to position #400).
I see that there are 0 servers in EU with 0 queue, some of them have a low queue but are DE servers, and i don’t speak german. Most likely by tomorrow those will be saturated as well. Do i need to restart playing every day a new character for 2 weeks ? And delete them over and over because you can’t have more than 2

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2 hour wait with queque starting at 1500. Get kicked at 780 now it’s 2570.
Checked every single EU server. All are red and high numbers. There are NO quiet servers.
How hard is it to get yourselves in gear and sort this out?

f*****g joke
“More information will be coming in the following days. Stay tuned!”

Days, you say? :smiley:

The thing that rubs me wrong is that the server limit is for online players.
The server should be locked for creating new characters at one point like other MMO.

I made my character on a server with really low que and now its like most server, 1-2 hour que min.


Free transfers? lol they dont even have a transfer system, so the question is When? before we quit due to impossible que times? before the game hits negative on steam?

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dam queue simulator i whas pos 10 and bemmm error back in line noob to 1600 and alrady w8 3 hours foor the first q i hate this and not be a good revieuw on steam i thinking of stop playing this game

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You should read everything on the linked post.
" in the next two weeks"

What basically means ‘we sit this out until less players are trying to log in’
Yeah, thats a good solution which works but somehow not helping right now.

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