Free Server Migration

Thanks for adding additional servers to help with congestion. But it would be great if we also had one free sever transfer for characters above level 10 to even out the servers a bit more.


Thanks for providing your feedback, we’ll consider your suggestion.


This!!! +1

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Yeah I agree with this!

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I know this idea is just like bdo but your character should be data center bound not server bound so for argument sake south east has say 5 worlds i should be able to freely move my character though all the 5 worlds at any time even add a cooldown penalty for quick jumps …
this will instantly reduce server congestion and allow me to not have to wait 3 hours with a 1400 waiting list to get into play my character …
tuma where most started there character have progressed to a point ( i myself have done heaps of crafting leveling etc ) is crazy high yet i could just side into another server with out the need to start a new character …
kinda defeats the purpose of putting any effort into a character if the server pop is high and im locked to that server

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