Free transfer from US to EU possible?

Hi all,

Genuine question.

I made a character on US server as my EU server queues meant I wasnl unable to play.

When they do the free transfer, is it restricted to US > US, or can I transfer from US to EU?


Nobody knows for sure, official new world twitter did however point out that we would be able to. Let’s just see how Amazon handles this…

Wasn’t that supposed to be this week as well?

Pretty sure it will be possible, hence the global names.

And that’s it, i am not playing any more of this…


On twitter they said it’s possible when someone asked them about cross region servet transfer.

But now they are backing out their own words. What gives?


Oh yeah, no one’s thought to ask that before.

Luckily I rerolled on eu a day after I posted this

im confused to why people rolled on US if they intended to move to EU O.O seems drastic considering they rolled out Tons of Servers Pretty quickly When the problems arrised.

im going to pressume This:

The orginal Tweet was At a apprecation to a problem… Which someone asked “can i move between EU and NA” and they said Yes… in the Concepts that u can Physically Play on EU and NA with the same copy of the game… Not Transfer a Character between the 2.

the orginal Question asked if they can Switch between NA or EU and the Dev im going to guess didnt read enough into it when answering… As effectively i can make a NA char and a EU Char with the same account (not something every game Supports… WoW for example requires a NA Copy of the game)

but yeah… bad wording on the Posters side and Prolly not reading enough of the context done by the Replier which has created that problem.

Moving information from Database to database generally doesnt work, hence why FFXIV has the same restrictions in regards to this problem aswell with their Database set up also.

but yeah… rolling On the opposite datacenter to try dodge queues seems a Extreme measurement to me As yeah u kinda set urself up for these problems ahead. i dont think many games let u move from NA to EU really.


I moved to NA because I had to redo the first 10 levels 3 times because I switched to different worlds because of queue times. I kept playing on NA because why not? EU servers are still f***d. You cant even do the amrine boss properly cause the servers are overloaded. And when I’m playing it’s literally middle of the day in NA and there will be NO queue times. And no problem, twitter told us we can do a free transfer in about a week or two. And now I can’t to a transfer from NA to EU? WHY DIDN’T YOUR FIRST STATEMENT TOLD US THIS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION?? This is just stupid. Sorry AGS, you are not a small indie game studio. Fix this


@lxu, please stfu.

It took 4 days for more EU servers to be rolled out.

A game Dev literally answered a tweet on 28th of September confirming we would be able to change regions.

Stop being a punk fanboy and realize that we were all encouraged to create characters on ANY server and it’s their responsibility to mention the teeny itty bitty detail of within the same region.

Accept that we got lied to and we deserve to be angry.


wow another stab in the back… thats gonna piss a lot of people off.


RIP. I too started on a low NA East server as EU where jammed, and overloaded. Guess i am gonna have to re start on a EU now. Awesome. Well i was only level 26ish.

Being a fanboy? :joy:.

I ain’t a fanboy of a secondary game I play lol, we all went through it so don’t act like it was exclusively you only.

There information was vague at best and they coulda defintly been clearer.

But the tweet does not say u can region transfer. It says you can switch between NA and EU on a account the question wasn’t asking if you could even transfer either and if it was susposed to be the writer did a terrible job wording it.

Asking if your account can switch between NA and EU and your physical character are different questions and different answers.

I said below why I assume they’re not doing
The man hours required to pull Ur character across a data centre would rack the pricing so high no one would pay it.

Data center set ups while making switching regions very accessible it makes region transfers 100x harder and more likely to mess up during the transfer.

But sure there’s plenty you could critise in how vague they were when they gave out the information regarding server transfers.

I just simply logged off it waited 4/5 days then logged on. Now found a medium server and having 0 problems. As soon as I saw how their servers worked I knew region transfers weren’t gonna happen.

Amazon games has like 200 employees running the whole studio. With even less directly working on new world. They ain’t got the manpower to physically take the lengths of time trying to port through that much coding to fix the issue.

The size of workers on new world is likely as small as a actual indie company. People seem to forget Amazon. And AGS aren’t in the same division budget or building. They are seperate. They are just all owned by the same Head at the top.

They can’t pull Amazon delievery drivers into the studio to work on transfers because the workload grows.

So no the fact there’s no region transfers doesn’t surprise me I’m not angry at it I fully knew it was coming. However their lack of communication and slow pace of explainations are appauling at best…

But I could screech at almost every company for their appauling customer service / communication…

Just hopefully when a couple of thousand quit the game over this they’ll reliese next time maybe make the post explaining the ins and outs alittle quicker.

I mean all their workers that went to work on new world from guild wars 2 already bailed and returned to guild wars 2 and given how many technical fallacies happened in guild wars 2 surround multiple events early in gw2 id say it says alot about the structure of coding in New world

But you are right, people will quit and it is their communication teams fault.

And p.s 4 days is pretty quick. Took blizzard over a month to fix their server problems after SL launch… and even longer to fix in classic launch.

I’m a big fan of voting with your wallet, if you don’t like the decisions of a game i fully support people quitting the game. If the game gets buried and dies it’s the companies fault… So yeah just as the guy said a few posts above. He’s outright done and not playing the game anymore.

I was just suprised anyone actually did take the chance on rolling on NA for a future fix

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Bonjour, j’ai moi même recommencer 3 fois des personnages, car impossible de jouer sur les serveurs EU, je me suis donc orienté vers serveurs US East pour pouvoir enfin jouer à ce jeu pour lequel j’ai payé, suite à l’annonce, je n’ai monté que ce personnage, car de toute façon impossibles de jouer avec les autres sans devoir attendre 2 ou 3 heures… Et aujourd’hui en gros j’ai monté mon personnage pour rien sur un serveur éloigné qui même si la connexion y est facile, de nombreux problèmes de latence me déconnectes régulièrement … Je trouve cela abuser…
Donc en gros, soit je reste sur un serveur à l’autre bout de l’atlantique soit je suis obliger de recommencer encore une fois… Pfff

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I moved my replies to megathread

Hi all, for transparency, I closed this thread since we do have a megathread (as mentioned above) to answer any questions you may have in regards to server transfers!